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A Low Impact Path to Better Fitness

Ok let’s chat working out and fitness. I don’t know about you, but I have such a hard time staying on track, especially with my insane work weeks and kids schedules. I never ever make time for myself, but it’s a serious goal of mine especially as I am getting older and want to stay healthy and fit. Last, week I hosted a super fun workout class with friends and influencers with P.Volve at their new SoHo studio, and let me just say the energy in the room was so contagious, if we could all workout on daily basis like this, I think it would do it seven days a week!

P.Volve has taken the fitness world by storm, and it’s not hard to see why. This innovative workout uses one unique fitness ball to help tone your body without the need for a gym’s worth of equipment or even a gym at all. Use by everyone from Victoria’s Secret models to housewives, P.Volve is easy to do, gives great results, and can be done in a class or by streaming sessions at home. It’s the most convenient way to get fit I’ve ever seen. 

P.Volve is the antithesis of what people normally think of when they imagine a “good” workout. Most of us equate an effective workout with sore muscles, exhaustion, and a strong desire to lay down on the couch for the next 15 hours. That’s not what this fitness program is about. Instead, this program focuses on functional, movement-based exercise that offers toned, natural muscle and calorie-burning without painful, high-impact movements that seem to have been designed by a torturer. The class we took wasn’t  hard, but I can tell you it was super effective.

Using what they call a “pre-hab approach” P.Volve focuses on strengthening and toning without the bulk. I also love that this program focuses on specific movements rather than reps to deliver results in less time. I’m always on-the-go, and so are my friends. We need something that fits into our hectic schedule, and most workout routines absolutely do not.


My friends and I had so much fun with our P.Volve workout, and I can say with certainty that I’ll be sticking to it. It’s a workout that fits easily into my schedule focuses on the kind of results I want and doesn’t make me feel like I got hit by a truck. Whether you want to go to a class for a hands-on approach or stream a workout from your home, P.Volve is for you. In fact, their studio in Soho is a must check – out and I’ve got some fun discounts for you! Hope to see you all there!

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16 thoughts on “A Low Impact Path to Better Fitness”

  1. I see some folks that I know in the pic lol. I am not a fitness person even though I know I need to be. I don’t exercise at all but I can eat right which is half the battle right. Great post!

  2. Ice Cream n Sticky Fingers

    This sounds like a workout that I could even do. I suffer from chronic health issues and working out to the point of feeling like a truck hit me just doesn’t work. Stretching and keeping the muscles toned is important.

  3. I was going to a barre class frequently, but since I started a new job I have not been able to go as much. I miss it and need to try to get back!

  4. This looks like a great workout and you definitely look great! I prefer workouts that actually do make me feel like I got hit by a truck LOL but I like these more low impact workouts as well. Mix it up!

  5. I enjoy doing class workouts but rarely do. I always need that partner to say hey let’s go. I can totally identify with feeling like you got hit by a truck. I stopped working out with my trainer because I felt that way a lot. I still am very active I just don’t like to push it as much as I did when I was in my 30’s.

  6. Wow, that looks like an awesome place for some fitness. I wish I had a place like this around here. This is wonderful.

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