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SITC hosts The FIT Learning Model

If you have been following for a while, you’ll remember me raving about the Fit Learning Model, which combines the latest behavioral and cognitive sciences to offer a program that transforms children as learners. Siella has been enrolled since last September. I have been so impressed with the way she has been progressing, that I decided to host a fun and informal coffee talk at one of my favorite downtown spots, The Leroy House in the lovely ground floor of a townhouse. We learned about how mastery of skills and practice can help garner social and emotional confidence for kids.

View from the Leroy House in NYC

About Fit Learning

Fit Learning is a highly specialized program and they approach each student as a custom case, developing a tailored curriculum based on their needs. From struggling learners to gifted and talented learners seeking enrichment, the Fit Learning Model has the kids covered. I think when Dr. Kim, founder of FIT Learning began speaking about the program and how our kids struggle in schools, every single one of us in that room sat, nodding and agreeing with every single word she said. She struck in a cord in every single one of us that day, and I am so glad we found the FIT Learning Program for Siella!

The bar at the Leroy House in NYC

Reading is a major focus for our family, especially since reading has been such a challenge for Ryder and Siella. Ryder has come a long way, but Siella still has a bit more work to go! Her sessions at FIT are fast-paced, goal-oriented, high-energy she leaves with confidence and is fully prepared for the next challenge. We will be continuing to go throughout the summer, and hope that with constant structure we will see even more leaps and bounds come September.

FIT Learning coffee talk in NYCThe food at the FIT Learning Coffee Talk with Stroller in the CityParticipants at the FIT Learning Coffee Talk

Each child learns differently and at different paces. I have tried so many approaches to learning with each of my kids and when I find something that works I stick with it. The Fit Learning Model is worth a try because the results are amazing. Our world is adapting and ever-changing and we owe it to our kids to give them a leg up and help them succeed. If we can arm them with the skills and knowledge they need in life early they will flourish!


During the SITC coffee talk we learned how the FIT Learning Model helps kids master skill and gain social and emotional confidence.

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10 thoughts on “SITC hosts The FIT Learning Model”

  1. Rhian westbury

    That’s so nice that you organised this as I’m sure everyone else got something out of it. It’s also good that this can help target kids at all levels x

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