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Well now that we’re all laying low at home until further notice, a lot of us are doing our best to stay healthy, happy, and sane! Having a healthy fitness routine has always helped me with my emotional and mental health. During this confusing time its easy to slip into stress and anxiety, but with these online fitness programs we can all move our bodies, get our endorphins going, and stay healthy!

Alo Moves

Move at home with unlimited yoga, fitness, and meditation for $20 a month!!!  Thats seriously less than one class at some studios. They also offer a free trial to discover more before purchasing. Whether you consider yourself a beginner, moderate, intermediate, or an advanced practitioner, Alo Moves has classes for all levels. Their classes even include a prenatal programs. This is a wonderful at home resource at an amazing price!


Active an app from POPSUGAR provides hundreds of workouts from celebrity trainers and fitness experts. Initially set to launch at a later date for a subscription fee, POPSUGAR has now decided to launch sooner and for free! They understand that staying healthy during this sad and confusing time is vital to our mental and emotional health. With Yoga, cardio, and strength training video’s this is a wonderful at home option to staying fit.

Journey Meditation

Journey is passionate about helping people live healthier and happier lives through meditation. Their Journey Live mediations connects you with real teachers and communities to guide you in your practice. With live classes all day, a diverse group of teachers, a warm welcoming community, and a free trail, this is an amazing time to get centered in our bodies and start our Journey!

Nike Training Club

Nike is a leader and household name in the fitness world. The Nike Training Club app is another example of their leadership when it comes to all things fitness. This app is a one stop shop for all types of workout routines. All the classes and programs are designed by professional trainers for all levels. They also provide nutrition guidance for your health and wellness goals. Of all the apps I’ve discovered this is probably the most user friendly for your individual needs.


You don’t have to own a Peloton bike to enjoy Peloton classes! Peloton also isn’t just a cycling platform. With the Peloton app members have access to hundreds of exercise routines that include running, strength training, yoga, boot camp, weight lifting, meditation and more. The Peloton app also offers a 90 day free trial. Thats 3 months worth of high quality workouts before even deciding whether you love it or not. Definitely the best free trial I’ve found.


I discovered Gymondo last year and I’ve been loving my membership. This app can be used on both your computer or phone for easy access to all their wonderful workout options. Memberships include 20 fitness programs and healthy recipes. Your exclusive program is designed around your personal health and fitness goals making it truly feel like a unique journey.


This is one of my favorite quarantine finds! Ryan Heffington is a professional choreographer to some of your favorite musical artist. He has started a dance revolution that all takes place on his Instagram live. Tues-Thurs at 10am pst or Sat/Sun at 12pm pst, Ryan guides us in the ultimate dance party. With dance moves like The Pelosi Clap, The Scarecrow, The Heavy Diaper, and more it really is an amazing way to release energy and move your body! A great option for the whole family!


FIIT is another super user friendly workout app with hundreds of workouts. Ranging from 25 minutes to 40 minutes this option is great for someone who cant commit to a full hour but still wants to get a burn in. Choose classes from three different “studios”, cardio, strength, or rebalance. App includes 15 training plans that are tailored to specific goal and fitness levels.

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10 thoughts on “At Home Workout Guide”

  1. I want to get into yoga too. I just feel like my kids wouldn’t allow me to take it seriously and give me some peace and quiet.

  2. This is a great guide. I’ve created my own workout that I do at least five times a week. It’s great to have options.

  3. I don’t normally work out at home but I am a changed person! I can’t go without my exercise just because my gym is closed. It’s so important for my mental health.

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