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Activewear to Get Your Sweat On

A great way to get a sweat in is to have items you want to use. This can be anything from water bottles to an exercise mat to a foam roller and primarily, the best workout looks. Activewear is a tough category because it can feel overwhelming to find the best option. Comparing prices and sizes while making sure you have a range of motion for your sweat sessions is essential. I like to start with the basics: a good sports bra and leggings. Then you can go from there and everything else is secondary! Here are my favorite activewear items to get my sweat on!


A great workout is essential to feeling well, for me. When I get a sweat in, I can get a little more energy and I feel great. A little bit of daily activity is essential and it doesn’t even need to be a full-body workout! Get a fitness routine that works for you and focus on certain parts of your body like the upper body or core exercises. Personally, I like to work out most of the time from the comfort of your own home, because it’s just easier. But getting out of the house and my favorite workouts with DanceBody have been something I’ve been looking forward to lately. It’s a great way to start my morning and they have on-demand classes!

But leaving the house means I need to have great outfits. So a few of my favorite places to shop are LoveShackFancy, Beach Riot, Alo Yoga, Terez, Lululemon and Beyond Yoga. Sports bras, leggings, shorts with built-in undergarments, one pieces and great socks are workout clothes I like to have on my list for a good workout. Cold weather or warm weather, you can wear these whenever with indoor activities.


Having top gear and proper form is only a part of doing a great job. Your shoes will make the world of a difference in your workouts and I think a lot of fitness experts would agree. Make sure to do research on the best type of shoe depending on what you’ll be doing, because they will all vary.

For instance, you’ll want flatter shoes for the type of exercise you’ll be focusing on if you’re doing free weights or weight lifting. Running shoes are essential for a long run and so on. You can even put ankle weights on for different levels of resistance and an extra push. Heavier weights will make resistance levels higher, so only do as much as you can handle. Go with the shoes that are a good choice for your training sessions.


I think the best part of shopping is the world of possibility. But with unlimited access to all of these stores online, we want to make sure we are making smart decisions. Buy the items that feel essential to you. Splurge if you’ll use it and love it, but we want to be practical. Especially if you live in a city and don’t have a ton of space to store everything. Like I said, a great sports bra and leggings is where you should start. Shoes, socks and water bottles as well as accessories come next and while they are necessary, do research on what you are buying. Anything that will help your workout is great!

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It wouldn’t be a fashion post if I didn’t start off with LoveShackFancy! I love everything about this set! The material is great and the pattern is adorable.
This sports bra goes perfectly with the leggings! It’s comfy and makes you want to work out because it’s too cute to not show off!
I love this spray! It’s incredibly refreshing and it has magnesium, so it is so soothing.
For anyone who prefers a bodysuit, this is a great one! I love Terez activewear and their spring patterns are too good!
You know I love anything with ruffles! I can’t get over how adorable this set is!
You have to complete the set! I mean, you don’t necessarily, but how could you not want to? The fabric is unmatched!
For a little extra push, wearing these bangles on your wrists or ankles is perfect! They look good and get a great workout in for you.
Comfort is key! Obviously, I have to snag a pink pair, but these are the most comfortable and supportive sneakers to work out in.
Lululemon fans will understand the hype around this hoodie! It’s the best and so comfy while being easy to throw on to run out to the gym.
I love this style of top! It is more breathable while still being so cute.
Specifically, how fun are these?! Beach Riot makes some amazing activewear that is not only super stylish, but incredibly practical.
Furthermore, if you haven’t tried Beyond Yoga, you’re missing out! They are so comfy and the styles are some of the best on the market!
Moreover, I like this top because it’s longer than a traditonal sports bra, so there is a bit more coverage. The criss cross style is super cute, too!
Finally, don’t even get me started on these cups. They are the best! I don’t know how to explian it, but I don’t want to drink water out of anything else.

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