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Smart Real Estate in NYC

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A dream and goal of mine since forever has been to own an apartment in New York City. Right now, we are renters, but one day I’d love to be able to say something is all mine. Jason and I have looked from time and time again, but haven’t quite yet made the move on what we actually want to own and buy. And quite frankly have just been scared off. 

Smart real estate is the driving idea behind Prevu, a new kind of real estate company specializing in helping home buyers and sellers in the New York City area. It’s the idea that the old way of buying and selling homes is just that – old. Homebuyers these days don’t have time to take hours out of their schedules to tour apartments. They also don’t have the extra cash to throw away on high commissions. Prevu streamlines the entire process, saving time and money. It’s a brave new world in real estate, and it’s perfect for the modern family.

Prevu takes a totally different approach to real estate than what has been traditionally done over the years. Rather than real estate agents going back and forth, scheduling appointments, negotiating rates, doing tons of paperwork, and generally approaching the modern home buying process in a decidedly non-modern way, Prevu stood the entire process on its head to make something easier and more affordable.

To begin with, the entire process is completely digital. There are no more appointments or pushy agents. Instead, you pursue the homes offered by Prevu at your own pace. No pressure. No time frames. No breathing down your neck. It’s just you, your device, and a huge selection of properties. It’s super easy and super low pressure. You’ll be able to easily search properties, and you’ll get alerts every day. Every Friday, you’ll get information about open houses, as well. It’s like an easier, more efficient, localized version of Zillow.

Just as important as ease, if not more so, is the sheer amount of money you can save with Prevu. Their smart real estate approach can save homebuyers anywhere between $20,000 to $40,000 in commissions. That’s a huge savings. With an average cost of between 1 and 2 million dollars for an apartment in New York City, homebuyers are already paying enough. By cutting out the extra leg work and traditional real estate buying approach, Prevu also cuts out a lot of expenses for the homebuyer.

They can do this because Prevu agents spend all of their time on transactions rather than splitting it between transactions, advertising, and leg work. They are salaried employees who then get a smaller commission on their sales. This is fair to both them and the homebuyer because rather than working on 4 to 5 deals a year, these agents work on an average of 36 deals, making a smaller commission fair to them and drastically less expensive to clients.

If you’re in the NYC real estate market, consider Prevu. With the selection of apartments out there and the high cost to buy them, it only makes sense to use a company that specializes in helping you find the right place to live with less expense and no pressure. It’s a smart real estate approach that benefits everyone. Super excited to give Prevu a try and make my dream come true! 



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15 thoughts on “Smart Real Estate in NYC”

  1. This is a great post for those wanting to live in NYC. I have never even been there before. I know how the prices can get pretty high there too.

  2. Prevu sounds like a really good way to shop for a new home! I love that you can shop for your new home at your own pace. I hope you find your perfect home on Pervu!

  3. Being able to save the cost of commission on real estate is huge. Prevu sounds like a real time saver. I know that the traditional way of shopping for a home takes up a good chunk of the day.

  4. These are important questions that need to be addressed. A real estate agent can save you a lot of time and money by organizing the entire property sale process and ensuring that the entire event is completely legal and secure.

  5. Smart real estate investing in NYC involves thorough market research, understanding trends, and leveraging technology for property analysis. Diversifying portfolios, identifying emerging neighborhoods, and considering long-term growth potential are key strategies. Collaboration with experienced agents and financial advisors enhances decision-making and mitigates risks.

  6. In the realm of residential real estate, the concept of home takes on profound significance. Beyond mere shelter, homes are spaces where families build memories, express their identities, and nurture relationships. The search for the perfect home is often driven by a blend of practical considerations and emotional attachments, with factors like location, layout, and amenities playing pivotal roles in the decision-making process.painting stairs quote

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