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Sweet Brunch Recipes You’ll Love

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If you’re a regular reader of my blog, then you know that I absolutely love cooking and creating recipes, especially in our home out east and kitchen. I’ve made several recipes with Truvia® sweetener products, from dinner recipes to baked goods, even delicious drinks and cocktails!

What I love so much about using Truvia® is that their products are sweetened with stevia leaf extract, which helps reduce the amount of sugar in the recipes that my family and I love. Whether it be weekend mornings or you’re looking for breakfast foods to make the holiday feel special, I’m combining simple ingredients to create sweet breakfast ideas that are a family favorite in my home. Bonus points if you make these for Valentine’s Day! These are the best brunch recipes for sweet treats and a great meal this Valentine’s Day.

Using Truvia

Finding an easy recipe to make for a special occasion such as Valentine’s Day can be a tough task. A breakfast casserole is a great option, because it serves plenty of people and is so easy to make! I like to prep things on Sunday morning so they’re ready for the week! Furthermore, perfect the breakfast does exist and it’s this french toast recipe and drink recipe for your next brunch menu! While these aren’t make-ahead brunch recipes, they are still easy brunch recipes that are breakfast classics and the perfect start to any Valentine’s Day!

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I thought it would be fun to have my readers decide what to make next using Truvia®, so I did a little crowdsourcing and one of my readers suggested that I make one of my mom’s favorite recipes. I loved this idea, so I decided on her famous Créme Brûlée French Toast. Seriously, it’s one of the best recipes and it’s something you would share with a best friend. My mom makes this recipe pretty much every holiday, but I especially love it when we are hosting family and friends for brunch!


And of course, no brunch is complete without a little boozy goodness (for the adults), so I decided I’d also make a delicious Strawberry and Peach Sangria, that I promise you will be making all the time! There’s nothing better than brunch casserole and fresh berries in a cocktail. If you like savory brunch recipes, this will not be the one for you, but those with a sweet tooth who want to make something other than cinnamon rolls, will want to make this the perfect addition to the brunch table. The best part is that these recipes are beyond easy to do! As a family tradition in my home, it’s safe to say these are breakfast favorites and the best way to make memories around the breakfast table.

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I made both of these recipes with Truvia ® Sweet Complete® Granulated All-Purpose Sweetener and I love it because it has zero calories per serving and sweetens and measures cup-for-cup to sugar, so it’s easy to substitute in any recipe. Moreover, something about this recipe tastes like Christmas morning! It’s one of my favorite brunch recipes and you can totally sub out your milk and bread options for any dietary restrictions for this sweet dish. For example, swap out white bread for a gluten free option or use almond milk instead of dairy. It’s great because there isn’t really added sugar, since we are swapping it out for Truvia. The entire family will be begging for this as a weekend brunch each week!

I hope you’ll watch my video and give both of these sweet brunch recipes a try. They’re delicious and so easy to make and I think you’ll enjoy their flavors. Cheers to your next brunch!

Creme Brûlée French Toast Recipe


-5 eggs

– ¾ cups Truvia® Sweet Complete® Granulated All-Purpose Sweetener

-1 c. milk

-1/2 c. heavy cream

-1 tsp. vanilla

-1 tsp. cinnamon

-Pinch kosher salt

-1 stick melted butter

-1/4 c. maple syrup

-1 loaf bread, sliced 1” thick

Truvia® Sweet Complete® Confectioners Sweetener 


Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Whisk together melted butter, Truvia® Sweet Complete® Granulated Sweetener and maple syrup. Pour mixture into a large, tall baking dish and spread an even layer using a spatula. Arrange bread on top in a single layer. In another bowl, whisk together eggs, milk, cream, vanilla, cinnamon, and salt. Pour mixture over bread. Bake for about 25 minutes, or until the butter-sweetener mixture is bubbling in the bottom of the pan. Sift Truvia® Sweet Complete® Confectioners Sweetener on top if desired. Enjoy your delicious breakfast!

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Peach & Strawberry Sangria Recipe


-1/3 cup Truvia® Sweet Complete® Granulated All-Purpose Sweetener

-2 cups sliced fresh strawberries

-1 cup sliced peaches

-1 bottle Rosé

-1 bottle Sauvignon Blanc

-1 cup chilled club soda or sparkling water

-10 basil leaves


Dice the strawberries and peaches into small pieces. In a large pitcher, combine your Truvia® Sweet Complete® Granulated Sweetener, Rosé and Sauvignon Blac. Stir in basil leaves. Leave out the sparkling water until ready to serve. Drink is best when left overnight in a refrigerator. Once ready to serve, add in the sparkling water. Brunch cocktails are an absolute must! If you want to add a dash of fruit juice for a little bit of an extra tang, feel free to. Now enjoy!

This post was originally published June 15th, 2021*

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