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Walk on the wild side

My friend Mila has been on a redecorating frenzy for the past couple of weeks now. After hearing all of her ideas and visions (which are amazing), I realized I dropped the ball on my own apartment makeover as I have yet to complete my living room and Ryder’s room. Hmm…it could be my mommy brain and sleepless nights these days. She told me about these adorable “Walk on me” rugs she just got for her sons’ bedroom. These rugs would look great in Ryders room next to the soon to be purchased moosehead (blogged about way back). I should put this on my “to do” list today. 



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2 thoughts on “Walk on the wild side”

  1. Now, I may be just slightly biased, but is this not the greatest blog?!?! Major big-ups to my bestie on her super keen eye for all things fabulous and TRUE taste making skills!!! So proud of my girl!!

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