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Valentine’s Day Pieces You’ll Love to Decorate With

As big of a Christmas fan I am, Valentine’s Day is a quick follow. Any holiday that has the color pink has my heart! Decorating my space for each season and holiday is a fun little thing I like to do. As we approach this next one, I’ve taken Valentine’s Day inspiration from the internet. I hope to add the perfect addition to more than my kitchen table this time of year, but my entire space.

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A great way to decorate for holidays is to swap out your tablescape items. Rather than an entire room full of decorations that will have to come down soon, full disclosure. I enjoy sticking to a color scheme that fits in with Valentine’s Day for a romantic dining table setting. Moreover, neutral options with cute little hearts is a simple way to participate in Valentine’s Day decorations to show a little love. I’ve seen some beautiful table settings and living room decor in my time. One thing I love about picking out new decorative pieces is that it’s the chance to redecorate all over again for the season.

Here are our favorite heart shape simple things to add to your space for Valentine’s Day ideas this next month!

valentine's day pieces


Firstly, this is the biggest category but also so much fun! I love to find items to fit into my favorite color palette and rock the perfect Valentine’s Day colors. An obvious choice for my Valentine’s Day table is to have lots of pink vases and pink hearts. It’s not only the month of love, but it is also my birthday month, so the more pink, the better in my book! Furthermore, you could go the more neutral route and get white dishes that are versatile and stick with a white theme finished off with a neutral tablecloth and wood hearts. More than the kitchen island or table, try adding touches to your console table, coffee table or even some wall art such as heart garland or Valentine’s Day wreaths.

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Secondly, it’s not practical to think that we have the space in our homes and apartments to store seasonal decor for a couple years. We can’t all fit string art and  extra pink cake stands. Finding items we are comfortable having either on display on a shelf or for everyday use on day tablescapes can be a great choice. You can even spice up the space with rose petals or fresh pink flowers in the space. For instance, a pitcher and simple dishes are things you can use often. It looks great on display and is of practical use, so it might be something you’d be willing to splurge on or keep an eye out for. A cohesive look is a lot of the design, but it isn’t everything. It can definitely be more justifiable to go for the options that are practical and useful for your household.

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Having the perfect items to serve sweet treats this February  is an extra bit of fun, so why not spice up the space for a date night or family dinner. The dining room has lots of memories where we share our parts of the day and it should be treated like a special place. Here are my top choices for sweet decor for your next Valentine’s Day celebration!

valentine's day decor

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valentine's day decor
valentine's day decor

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