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Heart Shaped Waffles For Valentine’s Day!

Over the years, I’ve been super careful about buying foods with gluten in them. We tend to gravitate towards a gluten free lifestyle, but of course we are not perfect at times. I started this about nine years ago, after some of my reading and research suggested that there could be some benefits by omitting gluten, and I can tell you that I have definitely noticed a difference. It is a challenge to follow gluten free guidelines, especially when eating out so it’s important I plan ahead, either researching restaurants, or packing appropriate snacks.

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Nowadays, there are plenty of gluten free options, and I’ve been having some fun experimenting with new recipes. For a rainy day activity, I thought it would be a fun to create gluten-free waffles as a snack. Since making “sweet treats” for Valentine’s Day with Holstein Housewares Donut Maker was so easy, I thought we should try out their Heart Shaped Waffle Stick Maker. Siella was of course my special helper as our thing together has always been baking in the kitchen.

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The Waffle Maker bakes 4 heart shaped waffles in just 7 minutes, and it comes with a recipe booklet, offering ideas to make just about every creation from chocolate to red velvet treats. I opted for the Vanilla Flavored waffles, and tailoring the recipe with gluten free flour. When we finished baking, we used chocolate spread from a local french bakery, along with some strawberries to top our waffles. Skinny popsicle sticks turned our creations into fun lollipops. Ryder was psyched to come home from school, and find the sweet treats made just for him.

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The batter made at least 20 mini waffles, and I froze the leftovers, for future breakfast options as well as a springtime treat. These Holstein treat makers are ideal when baking with kids and who knows what you’ll be able to create.


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16 thoughts on “Heart Shaped Waffles For Valentine’s Day!”

  1. This is one of the cool things about waffles- they can be shaped in so many ways! Does this waffle maker come with different inserts to create other shapes?

  2. That is so adorable! This is the perfect little gadget for a special Valentine’s Day or birthday breakfast with the kids.

  3. I love this heart shape pancakes and I am pretty sure my kids will be having fun making this not only for Valentine’s Day but also for every day.

  4. These waffles look delicious, and Valentine’s day is coming, so I guess I’ll try and make a batch for my partner.

  5. Wow thats super fun,heart-shaped waffles. Kids can enjoy preparing them. I can try out with my son, he will super happy.

  6. What a cute waffle maker! This would be a fun treat for Valentine’s Day. My kids love waffles and I like the idea of adding things like strawberries.

  7. I want heart-shaped waffles for Valentine’s Day, what a cute and festive idea. My favorite waffle house is closed because of the pandemic so this is the next best thing

  8. Love your waffle maker! It’s so chic and perfect for Valentine’s Day. The waffles look so delicious. I am pretty sure my kids would love these with the skinny popsicle sticks. Will try to check gluten-free flour too.

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