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The Sweetest Valentine’s Day Treats

You don’t need a special occasion to have a sweet treat! That’s something I truly believe in my heart. But Valentine’s Day is a good enough excuse to not only enjoy your favorite desserts, but try out new decadent desserts! Valentine’s treats can be more than just a box of chocolates. Delicious cookies, red velvet cheesecake bites, fudgy brownies, chocolate cake- it all counts as a sweet treat for the holiday! Something we love to do each year on Valentine’s Day is bake a homemade treat together as a family. It’s the perfect way to spend time with each other and we get to enjoy Valentine’s Day with the people we love the most.

Here are some amazing recipes that will make for the perfect treat on your Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a classic crowd pleaser! If you have a Valentine’s Day party to go to, I think cupcakes are the best option because they are already in individual servings. This specific recipe is the best of both worlds because not only do you get a cupcake, but they are topped with chocolate covered strawberries! So you get two desserts in one! These are actually one of the most easy Valentine’s Day desserts to make and full of simple ingredients we tend to have in our cupboards already for an easy recipe.

Flourless Chocolate Cake

For those of you who are gluten-free, this is perfect! The best Valentine’s Day desserts include chocolate. I don’t make the rules! It can be tough to find the right recipe because it can be more of a difficult recipe to pull off. But this recipe is delicious and it’s one of the best easy desserts out there. Topping it with raspberries makes it that much more amazing! I mean, just look at how decadent it looks! The day of love should have everyone’s favorite treat and this one being gluten-free, makes it one of the best chocolate desserts for February 14th.

valentine's day treats

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Bars

Cheesecake is a sexier dessert in my opinion. It is so decadent and something that feels like more of a special occasion dessert. Raspberries are a great alternative to strawberries on the holiday because they offer a tangy bite to any sweet. If you want to use brownie mix for the bottom part of these, I think that would be totally fine and it does make it a bit easier. Enjoy these with a tall glass of milk of your choice for the perfect Valentine’s Day dessert recipes.

Frosted Sugar Cookie Bars

My kids love sugar cookies and making them into bars is a fun alternative! You can make a huge sheet of them and then cut them up into the size you’d like. The pink icing is a plus for the holiday! These are made with basic ingredients you’ll have readily available in your pantry and your kids will have the best time decorating them! Take your sweet tooth to the next level with this adorable treat! This can be cream cheese frosting or one with a strawberry flavor, either way it’s a delicious dessert topped with festive sprinkles.

valentine's day sweet treat recipes

Strawberry Cake

ever made a homemade fresh strawberry cake before, but I am dying to try out this recipe! The best way to celebrate any day is with cake! Valentine’s Day deserves the best desserts and making a cake with fresh strawberries is something we all need to indulge in. These can also be made into strawberry cupcakes easily for a classic dessert.

Pink Sparkle Cookies

Sparkles on cookies? Now that is way too fun! We love to bake cookies and I think they make the perfect gift for neighbors on Valentine’s Day! Have you ever made Valentine’s Day heart sugar cookies? The Hershey kiss in the middle makes them even sweeter and you’ll get the best results if you put it on after they’ve cooled for a moment.

heart waffles

Chocolate Truffles

Truffles are such a delightful treat! I didn’t realize they weren’t difficult to make, which means I’ll be making these all the time now! I think I’m going to surprise my kids with these for Valentine’s Day this year. The pink sparkles on these are definitely on brand for me!

Valentine Swirl Bark

Chocolate bark is another great treat that is perfect for sharing! My kids give Valentine’s in class and we were thinking of tying little baggies of this bark to them to gift their classmates with this year. Also, these are impossible the mess up! The more swirls, the prettier it is!

valentine's day sweet treat recipes

Mexican Chocolate Hand Pies

Okay, these are downright delicious! Ever since we started making Mexican hot cocoa, I’ve had Mexican chocolate on my mind. I know these look intimidating, but I promise you can do it! This baker offers great tips and with a little patience, you can master these!

Pink Party Donuts

What is more Valentine’s Day than a pink dessert!? These donuts will have all of the local donut shops jealous of your work. I think the best part is that your kids can decorate them with whatever sprinkles they like! You can even put strawberries or raspberries on top and it will be even more delicious.

valentine's day sweet treat recipes

*This post was originally published January 30th, 2023

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