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Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Board

    In case you’re planning a date night in, I’ve got the perfect idea for you! Something Jason and I love ordering before our main courses is a meat and cheese board. The kids have also become huge fans of this European classic. Charcuterie boards have recently become a form of art for some. There are full social media pages on professional meat and cheese board creators. Salami roses have been all the rage for cheese boards, so I figured I’d try some out for a Valentine’s charcuterie board. Sweet treats or a dessert board are fun, but you can never go wrong with your favorite cheeses, some fresh fruit and savory meats for the holiday of love. Here is our go-to Valentine charcuterie board to make a great addition to your night!

feb 14th board

valentine recipe

Charcuterie Boards

Firstly, if you have heart-shaped charcuterie boards, you’re already a step ahead! If not, a marble slab, wooden board or even a cutting board can be dressed up as a meat board. A delicious charcuterie board looks different to everyone, but the basis can all be the same. Cheese pairings go with all of my favorite foods, so this is always fun for me. Moreover, if you want to go for just pink fruit, that’s on brand for the day! Chocolate-covered strawberries, dragon fruit, fresh strawberries without chocolate and raspberries are great. Personally, I pair grapes with slices of cheese and meat roses because I like the combination. But red fruits and heart-shaped treats will work perfectly for a fun charcuterie board! These boards are always a good idea for entertaining guests year round, too. The combo of different flavors makes for good measure.

Assemble the Board

I started the process at my local Whole Food’s market. Whole Food’s is a great one stop shop for all things groceries  but their amazing imported meats and cheese sections really impress. While I had a vision in mind, I also wanted it to feel organic and not too curated.

Some of the ingredients I chose were…

-A baguette. Start with the basics hehe.

-A hard cheese of choice

-A creamy soft cheese. I chose a delicious burrata.

-Prosciutto. A classic everyone loves.

-A spicy soppressata. I love adding something with a kick.

-A salami. I found a delicious salami by Charlitos Cocina.

-Olives. Love them or hate them, they’re a meat and cheese board must!

-Grapes. Any fruit is a great board addition.



-Flowers. Serves as a pretty decorative garnish.

meats and cheese

When creating the board I enjoy making it pretty but also friendly. Sometimes food isn’t inviting because it’s too pretty and one doesn’t know where to start. Everyone has their own process and touch. Have fun with it!

charcuterie board

I absolutely love how this board turned out. From the flowers, to the grapes, and meats, the colors were gorgeous. Saying my family quickly ate it up would be an understatement. I hope this inspires you all in creating your own one of kind charcuterie boards. Enjoy love day!

cheese board

This post was originally published on January 26th, 2021.

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16 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Board”

  1. What a beautiful demonstration of a Valentine’s Day charcuterie board. I’ve recently begun a plant-based and vegan journey. I wonder what cheese substitutes would make this ideal for this Valentines 🙂

  2. Kuntala Bhattacharya

    This is just super healthy. My hubby will love such an awesome board, full of nutritions. Perfect way to dine at home together with our son.

  3. This is an excellent demonstration of Valentine’s Day charcuterie board. I think I’ll try something similar. But since I’m a vegan, I’ll have to find me some decent cheese substitutes:)

  4. This is such a great idea as it is just so simple yet very elegant way of preparing a meal for valentines. Plus you can never go wrong when you have an assortment of cheese, nuts and fruits.

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