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Modern Home Management with Humming Homes

As many of you know by now, Jason and I purchased a second home out in the Hamptons about two years ago. This home for us was a dream of ours and when I say dream, I mean ten years trying to make this happen for our family! If I can only count the amount of homes we looked at over the many years. But this one was for sure meant to be, so needless to say it has become a fourth baby for me. 

Jason and I want to keep this dream of ours brand spanking new for as long as possible. We’re both total city people, so DIY maintenance is not exactly in our wheelhouse. Our family also travels frequently, while also living in New York City 60% of the time, which means we’ve had to leave our home unattended. Last year during our trip to Tahoe, we happened to go back to the house instead of the city and found a huge flood in our basement, not hot water, and an outdoor pipe burst!

Needless to say, if we didn’t go back to the house after that trip, I’m not sure what condition the house would be in considering the damage that was done in that short amount of time was a lot. Over the last few months, Jason and I decided it was time to look for some type of house management and found Humming Homes! Now if we were using Humming Homes, I’m certain that damage would’ve been kept to a minimum. We’ve been lucky, but we don’t want to push that luck, so this time, we’re using Humming Homes.

When you read total home maintenance, you probably think of a company that specializes in repairs, maintenance, and other upkeep tasks. With many companies, that’s true. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, they’re an important tool, but I’m always looking for companies that go that extra mile, especially since purchasing a second home. That’s why I’m taking full advantage of everything that Humming Homes has to offer. Not only do they provide home maintenance, but they also offer professional house watching! They’re basically a one-stop shop for everything you need for your home, and I love that so much especially during the off season when we are not there full time. 

Humming Homes allows us to put our home maintenance on autopilot. The app can be used to ensure that your home is always maintained and protected, and should anything go wrong, Humming Homes will fix it. Every member of Humming Homes is assigned a Dedicated Home Coordinator to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. That coordinator works with a team of local experts who research, do price comparisons, and manage vendor communications for parts, accessories, and other maintenance items.

They also use a vetted vendor network! This means we can always rest easy that we’ll be getting quality products, quality work, and no service up-charges. Which, I have to say, is something I really love. All of these aspects come together to create a total home maintenance solution that keeps us covered from the smallest to the largest items. They don’t stop there, though. They also offer professional house watching. They’ll make sure our home is safe and protected, offering everything from package retrieval to home check-ins! It’s such a wonderful feeling.

We’re planning a trip in a couple of weeks, and we’re going to have Humming Homes tackle a few projects while we’re away, so we combine the security of their home watching services with the quality of their home maintenance services. It’s such a wonderful feeling to know that while we’re away, our home will be safe and protected, and when we get back, our projects will be done! It’s great peace of mind to know we’re working with a committed, reliable, company like Humming Homes to ensure that everything we need for our home is done and done well. Head over to their website to see the amazing services they offer!  


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21 thoughts on “Modern Home Management with Humming Homes”

  1. House watching that’s really interesting. Sadly I don’t have a second home (yours is gorgeous by the way!) but if I did that sounds like a really great service since I would need home repairs for sure (not handy at all!) on another note if you ever need a second house watcher let me know! Very responsible and clean! 😁😁😁 (joking but not joking!)

  2. Congratulations on purchasing your dream house. We might not have a second home but we do travel a lot too and leave our house for quite a long time. This sounds like a really great deal and service for home maintenance.

  3. Making home maintenance on autopilot is so convenient and beneficial, especially for busy people like me. Such services and companies like Humminghomes help us transform our homes and keep them clean.

  4. Patricia Chamberlain

    Your home is beautiful! I don’t have a second home yet, but I hope to someday, and I’ll look into this service!

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