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Fitness Classes to Try This Summer

Feeling good is something that I constantly aspire to do. I want to stay away from the image we all have in our heads of having to “look good” because in reality, it’s all about how you feel. If you feel good, you look good and that’s a fact! I’m chasing that healthy glow that comes along with taking care of my body and while a majority of that is all about what goes into it, some of it does have to do with how I treat it. And that’s where workout routines comes into play. It’s almost time for my family to head back to the Hamptons for the summer, so I wanted to make sure to do let you know all about my favorite instructors and workout spots in the Hamptons,  NYC and virtually! Whether you’re someone who enjoys an exercise plan that is in class or private with a personal trainer, these classes will all put you in the best shape of your life!

Here are my top 10 fitness classes that you need to try this summer!

Mile High Run Club

You could say this club goes the extra mile! These classes are designed primarily for runners, but anyone can totally come train with them! Subsequently, MHRC makes working out fun, I swear! They’re actually the #1 fitness studio on the Classpass app, which is a huge deal. Endurance building marathon training is what they specialize in and I’d say if you’re running the NYC marathon, you absolutely must try them out. Don’t forget your water bottle, though, because you will definitely need it here! With several locations in NYC, this studio is one of a kind! What’s really cool, is that they have virtual classes for you to take if you don’t live the city.

Photography: Mile High Run Club

Isaac Boots

Isaac Boots is a choreographer, personal trainer and former Broadway dancer. This celebrity trainer has a ton of workout routines posted online for you to do from the comfort of your home. And when I tell you they are completely transformative with immediate results, I am not kidding! Furthermore, I am probably one of his biggest fans! Throughout the year, he often will appear at events throughout the country, teaching in-person classes. But, really, he is known for his program called Torch’d, which will absolutely whip you into shape and deliver the best results in a dance-like, fun way! Depending on the type of workout you’re looking for, you can choose to do his routines that target specific body parts or a whole body routine.

Photography: Isaac Boots, Torch’d


This is another studio that is both in person in New York and provides virtual options. Their workouts are dance related and can totally be done anywhere! So if you’re going on vacation this summer, this is a great virtual option for you! DanceBody streams 10 live classes each day, so there’s plenty of opportunity to find one that fits into your schedule. Moreover, if you prefer in studio classes, they do have locations in NYC, the Hamptons, LA and Miami. Also, if you’re concerned about class sizes, they offer private sessions as well as bookings for parties, if that’s of interest to you. Don’t let the dance looks fool you, this is indeed an intense workout that will in turn, get you quality sleep. I always sleep better when I’m hitting my fitness goals and taking care of my body. They offer both sculpting and entire body exercises, so there’s plenty of options for your summer plan.

Photography: DanceBody


I love how many options there are for exercise routines these days! Bande is an entirely online fitness class program that fits into anyone’s busy schedule. It’s also 2-way live, meaning that the instructors can see you and help critique you on your movements. Undoubtedly, this is definitely one of the best options out there as they offer pretty much any type of exercise you’re looking for including barre class, yoga, high-intensity interval training (hiit workout), pilates, strength training, meditation and more! You’re sure to find a fitness routine that will have you feeling the best you’ve ever felt!

Photography: Bande

Tracy Anderson

If you live in NYC and you don’t know who Tracy Anderson is, I’m here to tell you that you NEED to know who she is! Tracy is a former dancer who has revolutionized the fitness industry from all of her research. She learned from a doctor who was strengthening the smaller muscles to help relieve pain larger one’s had at a rehabilitation clinic in Puerto Rico. She felt this could be done in the world of fitness, so she teaches her method both in person in NYC and virtually. Tracy actually offers a 14 day free trial if you’re interested in trying out her method! She’s helped a ton of celebrities with her exercise routine and I truly think this is something you’ll want to try out! Make sure to drink plenty of water, though because you will want to stay hydrated, as her method is hard work!

Photography: Tracy Anderson Method


This is one of those workouts that is all over the United States! And now they sell bikes, so you can do it from the comfort of your own home if group classes aren’t your thing. Spinning is a great move for your body and phenomenal for getting your heart rate up. They offer a variety of different levels of classes for you to choose from and not only is it a great workout for the summer months, but regular exercise daily, as well. My favorite part is how motivating all of the instructors are!


SLT stands for strengthen, lengthen and tone, which are all things you want in the perfect summer workout. Located in NYC and throughout the east coast, SLT is all about lengthening your limits and focusing on core strength. Another honorable mention, is that they offer unlimited on demand workouts that can be done from your own space! If you’re looking for more of a targeted workout for the core or toning certain parts of your body, this is the studio you’ll want to check out!

Photography: SLT


Barry’s Bootcamp is a super popular workout spot in NYC and the Hamptons! It’s one of those places that has built such a great community. The instructors feel like family and are incredibly motivational. You can choose from their HIIT workouts or their Double Floor option, which involves using free weights. If you’re eager to try it out, you can use their code IRL to get 50% off our First-Timer 3 Pack.

Photography: Barry’s

Mivana Move

Located in Bridgehampton, Mivana move is the next level workout you’ve been looking for, to get the best summer body! The founder, Marissa, is a former dancer who has curated classes to create the ultimate workout program! It’s a barre sculpt dance training program that will kick you into shape! I love to do these classes in the warm weather out east!

Photography: Mivana Move


Finally, we have a super popular workout class in NYC called P.volve! The prices are great, there are virtual options and they offer a four signature classes to choose from, which are foundation, strength and sculpt, cardio and recovering and stretching. People really forget how important stretching is! It’s one of the most vital parts of a workout, we need to take care of our muscles. Check them out!

Photography: P.volve

For more workout information, visit here!

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  1. I should probably try a fitness class or a personal trainer. Nothing else, when it comes to fitness, seems to work for me. I cannot be motivated and usually forget completely that I had exercise on the calendar.

  2. Wow! These fitness classes look so cool. Great quote about a workout, that will make us at peace and focus our mind and body to achieve what we want!

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