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Fall Must-Have Fashion Items

With fashion week just ending, it’s officially time to dress for fall. It’s beginning to get breezier outside, so we can start to bring out our booties and sweaters! This can mean so many things like a cozy sweater, knee-high boots, a wool coat, ballet flats, or even a simple t-shirt. Fall essentials can be anything you feel you need in your closet for fall fashion. It can be for a casual look or date nights! An essential item is going to be different for everyone, but I’ve gone and found a bunch of new items that are all perfect for the fall season! Trending or an essential basic, these items will all create an elevated look for you to dress in cooler weather. Here are my fall must-have items!


Let’s start with one of the most exciting categories to shop for the best season! New arrivals have officially hit the stores in person and online and let’s just say, I can’t resist a lot of it! When I think of fall, normally I think of purchasing items in a neutral color. Henceforth, for the most part, I do. But it is always fun to go for an accessory in a bright color for any season! Starting with something like a beige or brown bag and a cream colored hat will give you a lot to work with. These items can be worn in any season and go with everything!


It’s time to put away the summer sandals and go for the boots and booties! I always get so excited when I get to switch up my shoes for the seasons! Specifically, a few fall essential shoes are ankle boots, block heels, knee boots, shoes with platform soles and chunky boots. Now, of course, you can get boots that are just comfortable to get you from point a to point b, but booties are fun to shop for. They can also easily be dressed up or down. As long as your toes are covered, you’ve got a great pair of shoes for the season!


This is probably the most important category as temperatures will begin to drop. Hang up your denim jackets and shop for puffer coats, a leather jacket or trench coats. Moreover, if you live in a climate that doesn’t get too cold quickly, you could even count something like cotton sweaters or chunky sweaters as outwear. In New York City, though we really only have a short period of time where we can get away with not needing coats for the colder months. Fleece jackets are always a good idea because they keep you warm and are stylish!


I love a good trend! Nothing beats feeling like you’re on top of the fashion world! Essential items that are trending to create the perfect fall outfits are a pair of boots- mostly knee high, a white button-up shirt, midi skirt, blazers and clogs. You can get outfit ideas from so many places these days, but I love to look at social media and see the creative ways people are styling a trendy piece around a basic look to spice it up!


Finally, versatile clothing, shoes and accessories make the most sense when shopping for fall wardrobe essentials. Going for the better quality over quantity is a smart investment. Furthermore, a lot of people are talking about capsule wardrobes, which are essentially having all neutral pieces that can be both basics and more elevated pieces. But the most important part is that they all go together, so you always have completed looks. Overall, they don’t go out of style and they are there for any season you need them!

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A brown bag is a staple item for fall! I love this one, it has the perfect amount of space and is a great transition bag.
I love a hat for fall! Honestly, I consider cream to be a great fall color and it transitions well between the seasons. This is one of my favorite hat brands!
Clogs are always in style! Dolce Vita does a great job at creating comfortable shoes that I can run around the city in! These go with everything!
I love maxi dresses! This has LoveShackFancy vibes but is on the more affordable side. I love this print!
A little bit of metallic is the best touch to any outfit! This jacket is perfect for evenings out and the price is great!
Particularly, matching sets make it easier to get dressed. I’m obsessed with this one and anything that’s pink is a win in my book!
This skirt is fabulous! The ruffles are stunning and it’s so comfortable.
Headbands are a great accessory. The bigger, the better! This corduroy one is perfect for fall!
Gold jewelry is iconic for fall! The flower shape is so dainty and pretty and these complete any look.
Moreover, with weather changes coming, booties that can be worn in rain or snow are important. These are easy to wipe down and keep you warm. Cream colored boots are so on trend, too!
Overall, it’s time to get our scarves out of our closets! This is one I’ve had my eye on and it looks so soft!
Finally, everyone needs a brown belt in their closet for fall! This one is super cute and goes with everything!

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43 thoughts on “Fall Must-Have Fashion Items”

  1. Oooo I have to say I really like the belt! The hat is super cute too. I tend to also go with neutrals for fall and get very excited for boots! Seriously boots are the best! But a little sad to put away all my sandals too (if nothing else they were just easier, no socks, no tights – just grab and go!) But happy for fall!

  2. Oooo I have to say I really like the belt! The hat is super cute too. I tend to also go with neutrals for fall and get very excited for boots! Seriously boots are the best! But a little sad to put away all my sandals too (if nothing else they were just easier, no socks, no tights – just grab and go!) But happy for fall! ❤️❤️

  3. I loooove those Chelsea boots! One of the the things I’m excited about relocating (which we’re about to do), is that I’ll get to buy shoes and clothes that I like to wear. I love maxi dresses and boots and all that, too. It’s hard where we are now because you’ll have to carry the shoes with you and change when you get to the venue, haha!

  4. Such an amazing outfit, looks so great on you. Perfectly match the aura you’re giving. The color brown theme sync with this Fall season. Loved it! Awesome Fall items, such a great find!

  5. I really love that outfit and bag. It’s a shame we’ve coming onto cooler months as that’s something I’d go for when warm enough.

  6. I like these kinds of posts to keep me abreast of what’s going on in the fashionworld. I have to admit, over the last few years, I’ve lost track of what’s current.

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