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Threefold Sense Of Style

I’m pretty much in shock that the another school year is coming to a close. I know I say this all the time, but things are moving at rapid pace, and sometimes it feels like I just can’t seem to catch up. All three kiddies have so much going on, which keeps me moving in three directions at all times. Ryder’s agenda is robust with his first stint at sleep away camp this summer. It’s only for three weeks, but still, it’s a pretty big deal. Siella’s sixth birthday is two weeks out, and Gemma is finishing pre-school, advancing into PreK in the fall. And both girls have their dance recitals this weekend! It’s hectic, but still super exciting stuff for all of us!

And since we are talking about things moving quickly, I have to bring up their ever changing wardrobe. Their clothing sizes have been changing by the month! I recently turned over their closets and dressers from winter to summer, and I was shocked and a little sad, that some of their favorite pieces from last years warm months no longer fit. In past years, I could at least pass Siellas things down to Gemma, but now they are practically the same size. Ryder is sprouting into a bean pole, and is a creature of habit when it comes to what he wears. He still loves his sport tees and sweats. Siella has been into her sporty look, always accessorizing with a purse, which sits on her hip all day long. And Gemma, while goes for the dressier look also changes her outfit about five times a day. Not kidding!

Melijoe has been an online resource when shopping for my kids for years. Based in Paris France, they offer unique styles season after season. Their online boutique is so much more than an online boutique. They tell a story with the styles and designers they carry, from exclusive visuals, fashion recommendations, and merchandising looks. Through its online magazine, Melijoe has become the ultimate reference in children’s fashion and lifestyle; a real source of inspiration for parents in the know.

Melijoe carries a wide assortment of designers, including some of my favs like Molo, Little Marc Jacobs, Billieblush, Ikks, Kenzo, and Stella McCartney Kids!

Since Ryder is all about comfort and his everyday uniform consists of tees and basic pants, I thought this combo by Molo was just perfect! The grey wash shorts will last him all summer, and the color is neutral enough to go with any one of his tees, like this Star Tee also from Molo!

For Gemma, I couldn’t resist this Little Marc Jacobs Dress. The back straps criss cross, and the fun print on the front works perfectly with her Punky Brewster look.

It’s funny that Siella has been on a dress boycott for quite some time, but somehow she didn’t put up a fight when I asked her to put on this Billieblush Printed Dress with sequins. It definitely checks the boxes for her sporty yet sassy style!

And Melijoe doesn’t just stop at clothing. They offer shoes, jackets, bathing suits, accessories, and much more! They truly are a one stop destination for all things cool for kids!

Looking forward to seeing where the summer will take my little traveling trio!

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18 thoughts on “Threefold Sense Of Style”

  1. What an adorable sense of style, my kids were always up for me dressing them in various stylish stuff as younger kids. Now they are getting older and have their own unique version of style which never aligns with other people’s sense of fashion. Loving raising unique kids! I am thinking these options you shared will be great ideas for my little niece though 🙂

  2. Super cute and stylish outfits. They look great. my kids would love all these outfits, especially my girls with the dresses!

  3. Oh my gosh! How adorable are these sweeties! I think it really flies fast and soon enough they’ll be on their own. The girls are of the same size like you mentioned! It’s going to be a constant change of clothes for all of them. It’s okay though, because you have good taste!

  4. Our Family World

    Your children are so cute. They do have their own personalities and it shows in the way they carry themselves in the clothes they wear. Children grow up so fast and sometimes it is hard to keep them clothed! Haha. Seriously, once they are out of diapers, the next big expense is clothes.

  5. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Your son is growing up to be a handsome boy with a very well defined fashion sense. Your daughters are so pretty! I love how they “accessorize” their outfits with purses and toy jewelry! So cute! Kids grow up so fast, treasure every moment!

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