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May Showers

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We all know the saying, “April Showers Bring May Flowers”, but somehow this year the saying “May Showers…” would have been more appropriate. May was a complete washout, and it’s been a little depressing, to say the least.  Memorial Day weekend is meant to signify the unofficial kick off the summer, but cold temps and rainy days kept us feeling otherwise. For the majority of the weekend, the kids and I stayed in the city, catching up with friends, visiting some neighborhood playgrounds, and of course what’s a rainy weekend without going to a movie.

Kamik Rain Boots

When living in New York City, it is so important to be prepped with the right gear, for any type of weather. In fact, I don’t think I’ve even owned a raincoat before living here, but when your main means of transportation is walking, you need to be covered! And that holds true for the kiddies too. A proper rain coat, pint size umbrella, and waterproof boots for the many puddles they walk through or jump right into.

Kamik Rain Boots Kamik Rain Boots

Over the winter, I discovered the brand Kamik. Online, I purchased a pair of winter boots for myself, which quickly became my favorite pair to wear whenever it was wet, even if it wasn’t snowing outside. So for this rainy spring season, there was no question about picking myself up a pair of their rain boots, and a pair for each of the kids. I was so in love with the quality and durability of my winter boots, and I was confident that their rain boots would have the same qualities. On top of that, their fun and stylish wellies make rainy days a little bit brighter! I chose for myself, Kamik’s Jennifer Rain Boot. Its features the timeless style of the classic rubber boot, with superior grip and traction. I was into the two-tone style of charcoal and coral colors. Whether I’m commuting to work or going out with friends, the Jennifer rain boot brings fashion and function to my rainy day style.

Kamik Rain Boots Kamik Rain Boots

Since Ryder is the hardest on his footwear, I chose Kamik’s Stomp Rain Boot. These boots are completely waterproof, including seam sealed construction, to prevent water from getting in. Both sets of boots offer that same two-tone hue setting them apart from your average rain boot!

Kamik Rain BootsKamik Rain Boots

Since pink is the girls most favorite color, I knew these Glitzy Kamik Rain Boots would be just perfect. The vibrant style features sparkles embedded into its design, adding some pizzazz to wet and gloomy days.

Kamik Rain BootsKamik Rain Boots Kamik Rain Boots

Sure, we are all hoping for sunnier skies but in the meantime, we’ve been digging our new and cool rain gear. Kaki allows you to look and feel your best with an eco-friendly designs that are recyclable, domestically produced, feature vegan materials, and come in an array of designs. And, with another wet week ahead, here’s to puddle jumping!

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16 thoughts on “May Showers”

  1. Those Kamik boots sure do look nifty. Indiana weather is all over the place too, so I think we’d all do well getting a pair for ourselves here too!

  2. Kamik is a great brand! I have a few friends with kiddos who rock these Kamik rain boots and they rave about them!

  3. It seemed like summer was here, but then the gloom rolled in. Those boots are the sunny accessory needed to bring some sunshine to these gloomy days.

  4. Those boots really look nice and comfy. I love the wide array of color choices and styles. I am wishing for some warmer (and drier) weather too. Oh well, at least the plants were happy!

  5. Annemarie LeBlanc

    These Kamik boots look really nice. I like the ones your little girls have on. Do they have adult sizes for that? I love the color and the little buckle accent. So cute!

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