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The Fit Learning Model

Parenting seems all encompassing when you’re new to the game. There is so much to consider and to hold in your head from feeding to sleeping to development. What you don’t realize when you’re wishing those sleepless nights away and looking ahead to the next stage and the stage after that, is how much more complex parenting becomes as your kids get older.

I love watching my children grow and learn. Sometimes I look back nostalgically at the days when a bad diaper rash was my biggest concern! Now my main concern is school and how well my children are performing, learning, grasping, and understanding each subject. The Fit Learning Model | Stroller In The City

I am not one of those wait-and-see parents. I like to tackle a problem early and nip it in the bud before it becomes a real issue. When I noticed Ryder having trouble reading, I jumped in to tiger-mother-mode and got it under control. When Siella started to display some resistance to reading, you better believe I was on it. Reading is the foundation for all other subjects. So it is important for me to be aggressive about identifying reading difficulties and resolving them. I explored different options and tutoring methods.

The Fit Learning Model | Stroller In The City

As you know, I found the Fit Learning Model, which combines the latest behavioral and cognitive sciences to offer a program that transforms children as learners. Fit Learning is highly specialized. They approach each student as a custom case and develop a custom curriculum based on their needs from struggling learners all the way to gifted and talented learners seeking enrichment.

The Fit Learning Model | Stroller In The City

The Fit Learning Model | Stroller In The City

The Fit Learning sessions are rigorous and high-energy but Siella responded so well to this style—as most kids do. Siella completed her first 40 hours of the program, which is broken up into two 2-hour sessions each week. It is pretty impressive how much she improved in areas like penmanship and reading readiness. But it is jaw-dropping how she accelerated in phonics and Rapid Automatic Naming, which refers to the ability to quickly name aloud a series of familiar items on a page. These include letters, numbers, colors or objects. It is important to have fluency in these areas.

The Fit Learning Model | Stroller In The City

The Fit Learning Model | Stroller In The City

When it comes to tutoring and enrichment classes the important thing is for my kids to enjoy it and have fun. If it feels like work or they get frustrated they will resist. If they love it and are excited to go, they get so much more out of it and we really see a change.

Siella looks forward to her Fit Learning sessions and even she has remarked on her improvement. I can really see a boost in her confidence—she is so proud that her hard work is paying off. We plan to continue for another 40 hours and possibly through the summer, so she is even more prepared for next year. I mean look how she is soaring on these charts! 

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The Fit Learning Model | Stroller In The City

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17 thoughts on “The Fit Learning Model”

  1. I should do something like this with my kiddo. Right now school for him is not fun. He actually calls in jail. Maybe something like this will help get him more excited about learning.

  2. I like what you have said about becoming a wait and see parents. I guess you have to be with them every step of the way.

  3. Actually this is really great! My youngest is in kindergarten and her teacher isn’t as aggressive about teaching the foundations for reading as I would like. Thanks for the information!

  4. This sounds like a really great program. I have two sons that really hate school. I would love for their attitude to change.

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  7. My daughter has been attending FIT Learning Cleveland since October. Her progress is beyond anything imaginable. She started with reading. She is now doing the math and logic curriculums. I am seeing her progress in school academically with a huge increase in confidence, We are committed to this program for the remainder of 2020.

    1. Hi Sandi – That is so amazing to hear. I couldn’t agree more. My daughter’s progress has been incredible and we’ve seen such a difference in her reading since we started!

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