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Best Desks For Kids Learning At Home

Well the school year has started and while Ryder is going to school a couple days a week, the girls are staying home. With a family of five in a NYC apartment it feels like spring all over again. I know a lot of parents are in the same situation and it can be daunting. To have the best school year possible from home our kids are going to have to stay organized and keep a school like structure. I had previously posted desk necessities for at home learning, but I also wanted to share some of my favorite desks to add to their spaces. Whether they use these desks for their zoom calls, homework, or crafts this list has a style for every little personality.

A simple and versatile white desk, but with a fun gold flair.
I love how sophisticated but also youthful this color is! A desk that can grow with them with age.
Pottery Barn always has great quality options that last through the years.
A very Scandinavian style with a very New York name. A great option for a minimalist.
This little mini desk is the perfect addition to any small space.
Another mini option for a small space, but in a more traditional style.
Well we all know how I feel about pink. I love that this desk has tons of feminine personality.
I really liked how the wood and white colors compliment each other on this desk. A great option for both boys or girls, and for any space!
A very sophisticated desk for any age! I’ve been really loving ratan at the moment!
A colorful and traditional writing desk. all the little drawers serve to keeping your student organized.
This is the perfect option for a small space! A foldable desk that can be easily put away.
A simple and class white desk. Would fit perfectly with any rooms aesthetic.
I love how small and simple this desk is. No frills, just a cute little option for maybe a younger student.
I had to include a bright pink desk for all my girly girls. With two girls of my own, I know they would love this option.
Not only is this desk friendly to small spaces, it was designed to give you perfect posture.

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8 thoughts on “Best Desks For Kids Learning At Home”

  1. This is a list of amazing desks for kids who are learning at home. We’re homeschoolers and in our second full year of homeschooling, so year 2.5 and I really wanted to invest in a desk or two this year. I’ll be coming back to this once I have the budget.

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