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Online Resources For Kids During Home Quarantine

Last week I shared an initial Covid 19 resource article. Now that we’re going on our second official week of staying home I wanted to share more creative and wonderful ideas that I’ve discovered. The truth is there is no right way to navigate this confusing time. We’re all allowed to do it the way that best fits our families. Whether you’re keeping a structured schedule or taking it day by day anything goes, as long as you’re doing your part to social distance.

Homeschooling Help

  • Homeschooling Conference – Sharpen your teaching tools with over 10 hours of video content with includes 14 speakers, a virtual swag bag, a private Facebook community,  and more.
  • FIT Learning – Siella has been going to FIT learning for two years now, and on the days when we were unable to get there, we’ve always done learning on ZOOM. Thank goodness Siella can still continue doing her usual routine with them.
  • Storyline Online – Founded by the SAG-AFTRA foundation this awesome YouTube channel features actors reading aloud award winning children’s books.
  • Virtual Tour Of Museums – Many museums are offering virtual tours of inside their walls for children across the country to visit. Museums include The Met, American Museum of Natural History, Brooklyn Children’s Museum, Children’s Museum of Art, Intrepid Sea, Air, & Space Museum, and more!
  • Audible Amazon – Audible stories are a wonderful way to keep your children calm while free playing or crafting. This will now be a FREE destination offering education, entertaining, immersive children’s and family audiobook content!
  • Rebel Girls Books & Activities – Rebel Girls books are a huge hit in our household! The publishers behind the amazing stories are releasing free activities, podcast, and journal downloads to keep our girls brave and busy!
  • Jumpstart Academy – Jumpstart Academy is offering three of their programs at a 50% discount until April 30th.  The resource library includes worksheets, activities to do as a family, and informative articles for parents as they navigate this time with their children.
  • The Weather Channel For Kids – Everyday The Weather Channel will be dedicating time to teach our children scientific explanations to different weather conditions! Have them learn how raindrops and rainbows form, why thunder happens, how to stay safe in all kinds of weather, and more.
  • Raddish Kids Culinary Kits – Get the kids cookin’ with these awesome kid friendly culinary boxes! A great way for them to stay busy and learn new creative skills.

Crating Activities

  • Kids Sewing Kit – I know my girls would love this!
  • Easter Egg Stain Glass Craft – Just because we’re home doesn’t mean we cant celebrate holidays!
  • Craft Studio – One of our favorite local children spaces is offering online craft classes! Classes are 40 minutes long and involve everyday craft materials you have at home. Contact this email to learn more.
  • Lip Balm Craft Kit – Another super fun creative and scientific idea.
  • Airplane Kit – An easy 5 step kit to an airplane.
  • Insects Fold & Play – Fold into shape over 20 multi colored insects.
  • Lunch Doodles With Mo Willems – Mo invites you and your children every weekday for some fun lunch doodles. Each episode airs at 1pm est.

Virtual Camps

Recognizing that schools closing, child care options at a minimum and parents and carers are probably juggling working from home with providing activities for their kids, a number of ACA accredited camps have transformed their usual Spring Break camp to a virtual one! Organizing online activities through channels such as Facebook Live and YouTube, the Camps are offering things like nature walks, science talks, arts and crafts and homework help, all while allowing the kids to remain at home safely. Many of these camps are starting their online camp programs this upcoming week, but in the meantime here’s a list of known participating ones.

Healthy Habits

  •  Smoothies  – This recipe is my kids favorite breakfast smoothie loaded with greens.
  • Essential Oils – This essential oil teddy bear is great for families!
  • Kids Yoga Stories – Have your kids learning and moving with fun educational yoga books for kids. Reading for the mind and body!
  • Prevent Spreading Germs – A few easy ways are regularly washing your hands, take your shoes off at the doors, avoid sugar and sodas,  and wipe down screens.
  • Vitamins  – These are my kids favorite vitamins.
  • Epsom Salt Baths
  • Move your body when possible.

As for our family, my kids are actually really taking to homeschooling, which I totally did not expect. Something I had forgotten and I’m so proud of, is how flexible children really can be. Because my kids are a bit older 11, 8, and almost 7 they understand that we’re all in this together right now and we’re doing our best to stay happy and healthy.

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19 thoughts on “Online Resources For Kids During Home Quarantine”

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  2. Oh wow! There are so many!! I love how so many people are willing to put together these activity-based websites so kids can be entertained/learn while the parents can try and get some work done!

  3. Wow! This is a great list of resources. Thank you. I’ll tweet that or pin it for later. I’m always impressed how some people‘s kids take to homeschooling and online schooling so easily. Mine have ADHD and they struggle with this.

  4. Such a bunch of ideas to do by kids during this home quarantine period. My kids are now playing different games, reading books, practicing writing and sketching. Tomorrow, I will teach them a house chores.

  5. Kuntala Bhattacharya

    Good list of resources to keep the kids engaged. I will check out. My son’s school has given online assignments and projects so that’s keeping him engaged but I will try your list surely. Really helps.

  6. Those are all really good online resources for kids. Something other than watching tv and playing video games all day! haha

  7. Internet is now accessible by each sections of society and nobody is spared from it.
    Children are also using internet for various educational purposes. There should be a check
    from the teachers and parents side regarding their use of internet content. It is estimated
    that children waste their valuable time in surfing internet so it is very important to guide
    children about the proper use of internet resources. It feels good to see so many options.

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