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Back To School Fashion and Essentials


Happy August!

August means enjoying the last days of summer vacation and preparing for back to school. As my kids have grown, so have their likes and dislikes (tween energy). It’s important that I find them things that will excite them about going back to school and back to learning. When it comes to back to school shopping and choosing school outfits, all three of my kids also have their own personal style. Ryder has fully embraced being a teenage boy and his favorite boarding brands and graphic tees. Siella likes trends, tie dye, wide leg pants, accessories, etc… And Gemma is all about comfort and a casual look. Can we blame her?

Where to Begin

School fashion essentials can include so many different things, depending on the child. But a new backpack, good denim jacket, versatile pieces like a basic tee, black jeans, a favorite hoodie, laid back jeans, and a light jacket are all great places to begin. New shoes for gym class are a great place to start. Additionally, for school supplies, fresh notebooks for a new year of homework and group projects. The kids have enough stress from the school season, one of the best ways to get them excited for the year is by letting them pick essential items, top picks and comfortable looks for their school wardrobe. Let’s start this year out on the right foot with new pieces and let’s tackle this school list!

Shopping List

When I shop for back to school I try to have their interests in mind so I don’t find myself returning everything they refuse to wear or use. But luckily some of my favorite companies and brands offer cute products my kids love too. Crate & Kids just launched an amazing collection of back packs, lunch boxes, and more. They can even be monogrammed! Mabel’s Label has always been my go to for labels. Skip Hop has super cute food thermos options, while we absolutely love the water bottles from Owala. I have narrowed down our favorites that we will personally be ordering. From hoodies to snacks (Sunnie has the best snacks!), this list will help you get ready for an exciting 2022-2023 school year.

Happy shopping and happy back to school!


1. Socks  2. Rainbow Sneakers 3. Barrettes  4. 3 piece set 5. Chambray Top  6. Windbreaker  7. Overalls  8. Knit Sweater 9. Pink Sneakers 10. Headband  11. Midi Skirt  12. Sweatshirt  13. Jeans


1. Jeans  2. Sweatshirt  3. Green Graphic Tee  4. Blue T-shirt  5. Sweatpants  6. Socks  7. Watch  8. Color Block Zip Up  9. Beanie  10. Sneakers  11. Puffer Jacket  12. Slip On’s  13. Terry Cloth Shorts 


1. Pastel Pens  2. Mabels Labels  3. Pencil Case 4. Hand Sanitizer Holder  5. Personalized Folder 6. Utensils  7. Wipe Case  8. Bento Box  9. Water Bottle  10. Personalized Notebook  11. Scented Erasers  12. Lunch Box  13. Food Thermos  14. Monogrammed Backpack

1. Multi-Colored Pen  2. Hand Sanitizer  3. Food Thermos  4. Personalized Notebook  5. Wipe Case  6. Backpack  7. Water Bottle  8. Mabel’s Labels 9. Sunnie Snacks  10. Hand Sanitizer Holder  11. Lunchbox  12. Utensils  13. Bento Box  14. Personalized Folder 

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16 thoughts on “Back To School Fashion and Essentials”

      1. yes, back to school shopping once again. will be heading out this weekend with my kids to shop, thanks to your list it remind me to include sanitizer. I almost forgot it

  1. We did a Kohls run last week to get a few new things for our boys before they head back to school next week. They are so rough on backpacks that’s always at the top of our list. And I got a new backpack too for all the time I spend at their school, too. My boys style is definitely comfortable and casual! It’ll be interesting to see as they get to be teenagers in a few years how that changes.

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