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Sweet Dreams

As it turns out, Siella hasn’t been such a happy camper these days. She’s super fussy even after being fed, burped, changed, you name it. The only place she is “sort of” content is in her swing. Of course she’s not into the super luxe modern swing I bought, instead she likes the big eye sore one I was planning to keep at my parents house which is now plopped in the middle of my living room. But if it gets her to sleep- I’m all for it.  I even started to question the bassinet I am using, so I am having Jason put the crib together. Hopefully, she will like the crib since she will be sleeping in there for  well over a year, if not two. While searching for crib accessories, I found this awesome “I dream of Jeannie-esque” canopy to cozy her up….


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