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A Wise Tale

These past few weeks have been such a blur but this past weekend, we met up with lots of friends so they can finally meet Siella. In the upcoming days, I plan to dedicate all of my blog posts to our dear friends and all of the amazing/cool/fun/fabulous gifts they gave to Siella. I went nuts when my friend Tori gave us this custom Owl Pillow (that’s ours below). Each owl is made from scratch and customized to whatever inspiration, color, interests, style you desire. Tori made Siella a fashionista owl and take note of the little “S” on the back. A little note came along with it reading, “I’m Tilly the Owl and I enjoy blogging and styling. She loves shoes and hopes to one day attend Olympus Fashion Week.” I love this little thing so much that I may keep it for myself!


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