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Sustainable Fashion by Blu and Blue

Blu and Blue is a name you’re sure to be hearing about if you haven’t already. This company is all about making sustainable fashion across their entire line of denim clothing for boys and girls. That’s important to me. My family and I love to be fashion-forward, but we also know how important for that fashion to not come at the cost of our planet or the people on it. I’ve believed that for a long time, and I’ve taught that to my kids, as well.

Founder, Aaina Jain Malik, built her company on that premise. It specializes in sustainable fashion denim clothing that combines high-style, the laid-back vibe of denim, and a sustainable sensibility that makes them a top fashion pick for me.

Don’t let the word “denim” put you off. Over the years, denim has gotten a bad wrap. Of course, there’s denim, and then there’s denim. The denim offered by Blu and Blue is super stylish, with pieces that fly in the face of what we normally think of when we think “denim”. From dainty tasseled tops to zip skirts and embroidered tops that feature a southwest flair, the pieces in this collection perfectly combine the old and new into something that is so much more than the sum of its parts. My daughters picked out a few pieces from the Blu and Blue collection, and they have been huge hits.

Siella is wearing the Salma High Neck Embroidered Top featuring a cute ruffle at the bottom of the bodice as well as embroidery at the cuffs, neckline, and along the shoulders and front. The super-soft denim has a lovely feel, and the embroidery gives the piece a sort of classic southwest flair.

The Salma Zip Skirt paired perfectly with the embroidered top. The skirt features pockets at the front, as well as classic southwest inspired embroidery at the top and bottom, connected with embroidery running down each side of the zipper.

Gemma is wearing the Anais printed boho tercel flare dress features red pom pom and tassel detailing. This delightful dress has the versatility to be worn for any occasion.

With so many styles to choose from ranging from modern cuts to classic, southwest inspired pieces, Blu and Blue has perfectly combined a modern twist on denim while still holding on to a classic feel that’s been updated just enough to keep it modern and chic. 

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  1. I love what they are both wearing. Denim is one thing that I suppose people will never end wearing. The design looks simple and stylish.

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