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All Dogs Go To Heaven

The thought of writing this post has me absolutely gutted, but my first baby, our pup Teddy passed away last week. Teddy was my dog for as long as I could recall, and he even predated my meeting Jason. I had just moved into New York City for college, and my roommate was never around, so I decided that I wanted a fur baby as a companion. For months, I did research, and watched every dog on a leash that passed me on the city streets. Along the way, I saw a notice posted that Petco in Union Square was having the Animal Shelter come that weekend.

I planned my entire weekend around getting a pup, only to show up Saturday morning to find cats. Just cats. Well, I was so determined that I walked straight to the West Village to Le Petit Pup, where I found my little Tedster in the window with a bunch of other yorkies! To be honest, I knew zero about what it would take to own a dog. Sure, we had a family dog growing up, but like in many households, my parents did the heavy lifting when tending to the pets.

It was love at first sight and I knew I had to have him. There was just one small problem. I was fresh out of college, and I was flat broke. With that, I did what any (ir)rational adolescent would do in that situation- I financed him. Yep, I took out a loan to buy my little buddy. Completely irresponsible behavior for my twenty year old self, but I was all in on this pup! Teddy came everywhere with me. His bed sat under my desk at work, and he was the ultimate mascot of my Hampton share house. In fact, my good friend Dawn reminded me just a few weeks ago about how we use to tie a balloon around his collar, so we could spot him running around our backyard during parties. She sent me this text when she found out “I just think of him floating up to doggy heaven with a balloon tied around him”.

Everyone who met him, instantly fell in love. That especially goes for Jason, who I met just 3 months after I brought Teddy home, and I remember how sweet my new boo was to my baby pup, and that attracted me to him even more!

A few years later, Jason surprised me with Penny Lane as a birthday present. Those two little puppies loved each others company, and played with anyone and everyone who walked into the apartment. They were inseparable for last 14 years, both present for all the major milestones in our lives. When Jason and I moved into our apartment in Battery Park, their food and water bowls were the first things to be unpacked. The night I got engaged they were out in the Hamptons with us, and out there for all the summers since. And our children, until last week, have never known life without Teddy.

Last year, we noticed both dogs started slow down a bit, showing signs of their age. In fact, I remember holding them and posing for a family photo on a friends dock last August, thinking to myself  how it may be our final summer together. I hate that I was right. Over the last month, Teddy slept more than ever, and his waking hours were filled with confusion, from his deafness and blindness. Weight loss was apparent, and finally last week, he woke up in the morning, and could barely hold himself up. Poor little guy.

As if losing Teddy were not enough, we are still processing the news from a couple of months ago when we found out Penny was sick and riddled with cancer. I’ve been mentally preparing for her passing, but she seems to hanging in there.

It’s been absolutely heartbreaking on all of us. Some days are good and some days are bad. Penny too, misses her big bro. We all miss you Teddy. Thank you for being the best little pup anyone could ask for. Loving and caring for you has laid some of the groundwork that helped mold me into a mother. Love you little man.

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27 thoughts on “All Dogs Go To Heaven”

  1. This is so heartbreaking, so sorry to hear about your dog. Our dog is getting up there in years and I fear this day will come soon. But how wonderful that you have great memories to last forever.

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s so hard to lose a furry family member. We just had to put our rat terrier to sleep. He was 14 and in liver failure, but it was a brain tumor that finally got him. Hang in there.

  3. I lost my Westie almost 10 years ago and reading your post reminded me so much of me and my family when we lost her. It is a hard hard thing to lose a precious family pet.

  4. I can feel your pain thru your heartbreaking post. I am sending virtual hugs your way. I lost a couple of dogs due to old age over the years and it’s devastating.

  5. I’m so sorry for your loss. My sons own pets and even though we feel that we haven’t formed bond, the bond is there. We miss the pets when we go back home. My son’s cat is getting old, is sick and lifeless, which is so sad to see her in that state.

  6. I’m so incredibly sorry for your loss. I think losing a pet has to be one of the most difficult grieving processes that we must endure. They love us so fully… know that you gave Teddy an amazing life, and remember all of the incredible memories that you shared together.

  7. I love how to make the compare and contrast to your fur baby when first moving to our lovely city. I remember those days!

  8. blair villanueva

    Losing the love of your life is really tough. When our family dog passed away years ago, my Mom decided not to adopt a new one. She loves him so much.

  9. We lost a pup last weekend. She was my shadow, and I was her person. She isn’t my first dog to have died, but the others didn’t hurt as much as Daisy dying. I still look down every time I open a door expecting her to be there waiting for me. My heart is absolutely broken.

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