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Sunday Swoon: Little Gloriana Elsa Dress

The Frozen craze is still going strong in our house and Ryder and Siella’s obsession seem to have come in phases. First, it was all about watching the movie, then it was playing the soundtrack over and over again and watching them belt out word for word to every single song. And now, it’s imaginary play. Siella is so into fairies and princesses and often pretends Ryder is Prince Hans and sometimes Anna, while Gemma is always Olaf. It’s pretty hilarious watching them act out the characters and their love for this classic movie, something I’m sure we will always remember. For months, stores have been completely sold out of any type of Frozen gear imaginable, and in fact I’ve seen some cases where people were hawking the product for thousands on ebay.

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One of my favorite designers, Little Gloriana just introduced the newest Elsa Dress on the market. Little Gloriana is a proud designer of the immensely popular “Mini & Me” collection (the matching girl and doll* clothing collection) and has now designed the gorgeous & cinematic ELSA Dress.


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The ELSA DRESS is a long-sleeve, comfortable twirl dress, complete with a sparkling bodice. The body and sleeves are white nylon & spandex blend. The dress is available in either floor-length or knee-length versions. Siella is in her glory with this dress and hasn’t taken it off since I surprised her with it this week.

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The Little Gloriana “Mini & Me” set includes a girl’s dress and a matching doll outfit (girls clothing sizes range from 3T to 12 and the doll dresses fit both 15” and 18” dolls. I haven’t given her the matching doll dress yet because this was just enough to excite her for one week. The dress is just beyond, and if you have a little girl just like mine this is probably the ultimate gift I’m sure they will adore for quite sometime.

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11 thoughts on “Sunday Swoon: Little Gloriana Elsa Dress”

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      1. My daughter is a 4t in their dresses but I will say they run on the bigger side. Im not sure how tall she is…sorry but she is on the taller side for her age.

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