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Sunday Styles: Little Gloriana

My girls are obsessed with their baby dolls. No matter where we travel, the market or a weekend getaway, they are sure to pack their little dollies to come along. Part of what makes up their sweet sisterly bond is watching them spend hours playing and pretending with their little ones. With all the accessories including strollers, highchairs and mini cribs, the pretend play is endless. Gemma tends to repeat everything that comes out of Siella’s mouth, and I think she appreciates how her big sister spends with her.

Little Gloriana Little Gloriana

For the longest time, I have been a fan of the Little Gloriana, a specialty clothing collection that offers adorable and stylish clothing for girls and their dolls. I originally discovered them when they made a gorgeous Elsa Dress, that I had to pick up for Siella during the Elsa craze.They make a multiplicity of designs allowing each girl to choose her own personal style and taste. With so many styles to choose from, ranging from dressy, costumes, bedtime, bathing suits, and even accessories; it’s really hard to single out one.

Little Gloriana Little Gloriana

Their mini me line, which comes with an outfit for the child and her baby, is my absolute favorite and has become a go-to for birthday gifts and presents for lots of occasions. Here, Siella and Gemma are wearing a 100% navy cotton stripe tunic dress that comes with electrifying, metallic gold heart in the center.

Little Gloriana Little Gloriana

The girls enjoyed their matching outfits and they have asked if they can dress just like their dolls everyday. Watching my girls relationship grow stronger is something so extraordinary, that sometimes I need to pinch myself to make sure this is my life.

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