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Sunday Styles: Sudara

I recently discovered Sudara Punjammies, a brand that is not only making fashionable gear for you and your kiddies, but they are making the world a better place in the process. Inspired by the beauty, colors and textures of the local culture of India, their garments are hand crafted by brave women in the community.


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Some may not realize that India has some of the highest estimates of slavery and sex-trafficking in the world. Designer, Shannon Keith took a trip to India that opened her eyes to this tragedy occurring on a daily basis to women and girls throughout the country. She could hardly believe that she was witnessing modern day slavery in India’s Red Light Districts. Upon returning home, rather than turning her back on the situation, she was going to do something about it. With this, Sundra Punjammies was born, where Shannon offers these women the opportunity to gain job skills and a long-term career, with an upstanding employer in a supply chain of like-minded companies.

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It’s not enough to end sexual slavery once and for all, but it’s essential that we break the cycle for generations to come. That’s why, in addition to Sudara products which provide training and jobs for the women who make them, they also have a non-profit arm that allows to provide for those same women across their entire ecosystem. The contributions that come from supporters, fans and advocates allow them to provide housing and education for both the women and their children. Each side of their business work hand in hand, and both are essential to creating a pathway for women to escape from sexual slavery and live in freedom.


We all are wearing a cool minty cotton tiled with tiny white and pink blossoms. The bottom, my favorite part is trimmed with a Banarasi border of fuchsia and gold. Sudara is available in select prints this loungewear/playwear is a perfect gift for that young little world-changer in your life. The girls were psyched to match their mama, and in doing so, I was proud to be doing our part to support a better way of lift for many women and children.

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