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Sunday Styles: Rockin’ Baby

There’s no question about it; whenever there is an opportunity to give back associated with a potential purchase, I am usually roped in. I recently discovered Rockin’ Baby, a clothing website for children that for every one item purchased an item is then donated. I’ve seen a lot of this one for one concept, but never a site dedicated solely to children’s clothing.

Rockin' Baby Children's Clothing

Rockin’ baby started as a baby sling company, and for every sling sold a sling was donated to a mother in need, starting with Haiti. They visited Haiti several times to donate more and more slings and educate mothers on how to wear them and the importance of baby carrying.

Rockin' Baby Children's Clothing Rockin' Baby Children's Clothing

Now the ever evolving company has expanded into a full line of children wear that is now sold all over the world. Siella and Gemma are wearing Rockin’ Baby’s Kathryn Long Sleeve Dress. This gorgeous dress is made from soft machine washable georgette fabric, which can be dressed up or down. The crepe dress has a soft inner lining, and cute button opening at the back, making for easy wearability.
Rockin' Baby Children's Clothing

Now celebrating 13 years, the company anticipates that in the next 12 months, they will donate nearly 230,000 items of clothing through Child Fund International. With the new mission ‘Child to Child’ meaning now whatever they sell, they will donate an equivalent quantity of kids clothes to children in desperate need.

Rockin' Baby Children's Clothing Rockin' Baby Children's Clothing

The collection, for boys and girls, offers a range of themes including Hero, Circus, Space, Forest Friends and Woodland Wonderland. On the Rockin’ Baby site, you will find sizes newborn to 10 years old, and you know with every item you purchase that you are directly helping a child or mom in need.


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