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Sunday Styles: Ivivva

I think I’ve mentioned this in the past, but I really think kindergarten will be a momentous year for Siella, and I couldn’t be more excited for her. She wants to try all things new, so we enrolled her in soccer and she has really come to like it. Its funny to see my little dress wearing girly girl also has a sporty side.


Last week Siella and I took a special trip to the Upper East Side to visit the new Ivivva flagship, as she was in need of some new active gear. The line is inspired by active girls, having been created by actual Lululemon athletics. The beautiful athletic wear is dedicated solely to girls and connects them through movement that encourages them to dream big.

Ivivva Ivivva Ivivva

I let Siella take the lead, as we browsed the shop, picking her favorite pieces. She like the idea of picking out some of the same styles that she has seen on me previously from the Lululemon brand. Ivivva sizes start at size six, and I am happy to say the starting size fits her like a glove.

I was super impressed with their assortment. We picked some casual items she can wear to school, as well as some pieces for her to wear during soccer and dance. She even tried on a little sports bra, and while we may be far from that, but I couldn’t help but get it for her. We paired it with this Four’s A Charm Wrap Rulu, which made a cute combo.


Some of our other favorite items included The Fastest Hooded Pullover, Rhythmic Tight Herringbone Pant, and my favorite the Village Chill Scarf.


With the temps finally starting to drop, I can’t wait to go back uptown to stock up for all of our winter sports activities on the horizon!

Thank you Ivivva for the perfect mama daughter day! 

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7 thoughts on “Sunday Styles: Ivivva”

  1. It is great to be able to find age appropriate clothes for out kids that they enjoy. Clothing is a means of expression and it is nice to allow children to present the message3 they want.

  2. Your daughter looks fantastic in those clothes! I have never heard of Ivviva before but I am a huge Lululemon fan so I’ll definitely have to take a look into it for my family.

  3. That place has SUCH cute clothes! You can totally tell how much your daughter LOVES them too! I have never heard of this place before, but I would love to explore it.

  4. What a candy shop for fashionista little girls this place looks like — your daughter is adorable. I love shopping in New York so the next time I’m in town I’m going to have to check Ivivva out — my own little girls are now in college but I do have some tiny nieces to shop for.

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