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Flourishing Into Fall

For us, the fall season feels much more like a new year in our home. It’s the start of a new school year, summer rolls into fall, and I just can’t help but have the feeling of a fresh start. Once school sports and activities ramp back up, schedules change drastically, and I make myself little promises, to be more organized and to get the kids to bed earlier. It’s exciting and stressful, all at the same time. Now, already at the end of October (and wait how did that happen), we are settled into the groove of our new year.

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Out of all three children, it seems that Siella has experienced the greatest change in starting Kindergarten. Change in a good way, as I am watching her grow at the speed of light. She is loving her new school, and every day she walks in the door like a little chatter box, going on about her friends (new and old). Two weeks ago, she lost her first tooth, followed by her second tooth only a few days later.

Another thing that I’ve notice is she insists on getting herself ready in the morning, and picking out her own outfit is a must. I totally let her lead the way, but her little changing of mind has lead to several meltdowns during our morning routine, so now we are sure to pick out everything, (tops, bottoms, and shoes) the night before. She lines it all up like little soldiers on the couch, so she’s ready to go in the morning.


Zappos has always played a huge role in our home for clothing and shoes, so while digging around online for new fall pieces for the whole family, I showed Siella these sweet UGG boots, which she was totally into. The Corene boot has a soft suede upper with a corset-tied back. There’s a zipper closure for easy on-and-off wear, which is ideal for a five year old determined to do everything on her own. While on their site, I stumbled upon these Brea Clog Boot for myself. I loved the idea of combining a fashionable boot that will actually keep my feet warm for the upcoming colder months.

IMG_4777 IMG_4754

With Zappos offering next business day fast delivery service, our new boots arrived right away; and their 365 day unbeatable return policy, make exchanges easy for my kindergartener’s ever changing mind. Turns out she loved them and loved matching her mama too, so no need to send anything back in this shipment. And I’m super excited to announce Zappos’ new Rewards Program! Program members can earn points per purchase, for logging into Zappos.com on a mobile device and by writing reviews. Rewards Points can be redeemed in various ways, like applying them toward purchases. There is no membership fee or minimum spend order value to join the program, but you’ll definitely want to join to be able to reap benefits like early access to exclusive products and sales and much more!


Psyched to have a few new winter items under my belt, because soon enough, the snow will be falling. And with an entire family to shop for, I am lucky to have a resource like Zappos.com, that has tons of cool stuff for everyone, all on one site. Works well for a busy mama like me!

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14 thoughts on “Flourishing Into Fall”

  1. I love those boots… both pairs. I have a thing for warm boots and am always sending photos to my hubby so he can know what to get for my birthday and Christmas Then I try to act surprised lol.

  2. Zappos has so many cute shoes. I haven’t bought any in a while but I really need some more brown boots, your post reminded me!

  3. Fall is totally boot season around our house and Zappos always has a wonderful selection. Their corporate office is located here in Las Vegas and they do so much to give back to our community too.

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