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Sunday Styles: Frankie & Sue

My girls live in dresses all summer long. In fact, it’s a pretty funny how I actually discovered this weeks Sunday Styles’ designer. Jason happened to be out in Los Angeles for work, where one of the designers from Frankie & Sue, Carol actually recognized him from my blog. After their meet, she messaged me via Facebook, and we finally met last summer, at the ENK children’s trade show, and I have to tell you, I absolutely fell in love with their brand. The girls have been rocking their pieces ever since.

Frankie & Sue Frankie & Sue

Frankie & Sue was developed by two best friends who met while studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology here in New York. They decided to take their dreams of starting a clothing line, to the sunny ocean side of Santa Monica. It is the product of two girls with a clear vision and desire to create a stylish, trendy, and comfortable clothing line for girls. The name Frankie & Sue derives from the combination of the owner’s middle names, and it is also a representation of two very different ideas of what style is. Carol “Frankie” was the epitome of a tomboy, with her former blonde bowl cut, and brother’s hand-me-downs. Alicia “Sue” was the definition of a girly girl, always in dresses, which matched her brown ringlets & shiny bow shoes.

Frankie & Sue Frankie & Sue Frankie & Sue

When creating the brand their goal was to offer clothing that appeals to both ends of the spectrum, and everything in between. They strive to create a feeling of California bohemian style with large prints and colorful combinations. Frankie & Sue prides itself on having all garments 100% made in Los Angeles, CA! And I’m super excited to see their Fall 2o16 collection next month! Absolutely thrilled to have connected with this brand, and love everything they stand for.

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