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Ice Cream Date In The Park

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Breyers Ice Cream. All opinions are 100% mine.


Once the summer months hit, its a rite of passage that ice cream becomes part of the daily menu. For me, ice cream is like the all time favorite childhood past time, and the number one dessert my children look forward to.

This week, Gemma and I headed to Madison Square Park, for a little one on one time while the bigs were finishing their last days of school. At the park, we took part in the Breyers 150th birthday celebration. When I think about Breyers, it immediately takes in back to my childhood, as it was the only ice cream we ever (and always) had in our house, and come to think about it, one of those same iconic black containers was in my freezer last weekend.


Breyers has been our ice cream choice for so many years because of their high-quality ingredients, a promise that has actually been on their packages for more than 100 years. They only use milk and cream from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones*, and Breyers Natural Vanilla, America’s number one Vanilla ice cream, is made with the same three ingredients fresh cream, milk and sugar. Vanilla is definitely my favorite, but their Strawberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla, and Vanilla Fudge Swirl are on constant rotation in our freezer.


While we were there, park goers were able to walk through a giant size carton, that showcased inside an interactive history of Breyers Ice Cream, over the last 150 years. When exiting the carton, guests were greeted with a cup of vanilla, or the newest flavor celebrating their birthday. As another part of the celebration, Breyer’s introduced a new ice cream variety, Ice Cream Cake, which features Breyers Chocolate Ice Cream and loads of chocolatey crunches, sandwiched between Natural Vanilla Ice Cream. An hour into the birthday gathering, celebrities Kelly Rowland, Allison Williams and Jaime Camil appeared, to greet guests as they enjoyed their free ice cream. NYC is pretty amazing. You never know what street corner, or should I say park, you will run into a celebrity, or a free event, open to the public.


After our little ice cream treat, Gemma and I spent the rest of the day exploring Madison Square Park, and she wore the birthday hat the entire time. When Ryder and Siella came home from school, she told them all about the “birthday party” she went to. Luckily, we grabbed a few extra birthday hats, and picked up a couple of containers of Breyers to make sundaes at home, so they didn’t feel left out. Three more days and counting until summer break……

*Suppliers of other ingredients such as cookies, candies and; sauces may not be able to make this pledge. The FDA states that no significant difference has been shown between dairy derived from rBST-treated and non-rBST treated.

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  1. Such a sweet summer dress. If ever in Charleston, SC, stop in at Kids on King. So many great summer pieces for kids or check out their website.

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