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Sunday Styles: Florals

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This weekend, the sun has finally decided to shine on us, and it seems that spring will soon be arriving. With temps in the 40s, we received a peek of kindness from Mother Nature, and I am looking forward to spending plenty of time outdoors, later sunsets, and the feel of warmth, as the sun shines on our skin.

Smokks Dress Smokks Dress

This spring season, Smokks has the most beautiful assortment of floral patterns, whimsicle styles, and vibrant colors. Recently, the kids and I attended the Bunny Hop annual charity event, and Siella chose her Smokks dress, as her Easter garb for the event. It paired well with the Easter themed event, and it was a complete showstopper.

Smokks Dress

So excited to tell you about Smokks popup shop happening the end of this month! Details below.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 10.00.10 AM

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