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Sunday Styles: Aviator Nation


Aviator Nation


Last summer, we practically lived at the beach. Ryder wound up taking surf lessons part of the summer, so we would hang on the beach while he had his lesson, just soaking up the sun. While browsing through some of the surf shops down by the beach, I discovered Aviator Nation.

I actually purchased sweats and a sweatshirt for myself at first, and just loved the fit and feel of the soft cotton and knew I had to get them for my kiddies. My kids have been wearing these sweats for the past year as these pieces have become a staple in their wardrobe. A friend recently asked me to link a few of my favorite styles on the blog, so here you go Lisa! Loving their new shark prints!


Red Hoodie // White Hoodie // Shark Sweats 

Pink Sweats // Hat // White Sweats // Grey Sweatshirt

Shark Hoodie // Grey Tee // Black Sweats

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9 thoughts on “Sunday Styles: Aviator Nation”

  1. These are fantastic clothes. My kids much prefer to wear athletic clothes as opposed to denim. I’m gonna have to kee an eye out!

  2. I adore that shark print jacket and that hat! My little loves sharks and we need to stock up on summer gear! Super cute!

  3. Wow these are just way too cute! What I like is how practical and soft they seem to be. I would live in the sweats.

  4. Their styling reminds me so much of the clothes I had in the 70’s. Wonder if that’s the look they were going for?!

  5. Kristen from The Road to Domestication

    I love these! And we live in Florida, so these types of designs are right up our alley!

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