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The Must-Have Travel Tote

Our family travels a ton! Whether it’s a trip to the Caribbean, a snowy trip upstate for a ski weekend, or a quick getaway to the grandparents house, it’s safe to say we are always on the go! While I’m pretty much covered when it comes to luggage, totes and carry-on’s for traveling are always the hardest for me to find.

The Must-Have Travel Tote

My computer, camera, wallet, keys are just some of the essentials I walk around with daily. Then add – the kids after school things like snacks, dance attire, soccer gear, and my bag is just over flowing. Last week, I took the girls to Miami for a little getaway during their winter break and brought along my new Oliver Thomas tote and have to say I’m in LOVE!

The Must-Have Travel Tote

My new Wingwoman Tote (ummm hello love the name), was more than perfect for our getaway, and in fact I’ve been using it on the daily! Oliver Thomas bags are versatile, functional and the price point make the bags completely attainable. The designer and owner thought of EVERY SINGLE DETAIL. There are “secret stash” compartments, wide zippers, it’s machine washable, the storage pockets are key, and the customization with the badges makes them super unique!

The Must-Have Travel Tote The Must-Have Travel Tote

Oliver Thomas bags were created to change the way women travel and to eliminate the multi-bag syndrome, and actually have fun with the bags. And speaking of FUN…there’s a huge assortment of patches for you to customize your own bag! I choose a B for mine, because I rarely have anything monogrammed with my name on it, but trust me I plan to add more fun ones!

The Must-Have Travel Tote

My Wingwoman Bag has seriously been a game changer for me. And my favorite part is that it’s lightweight and has a padded strap, so my heavy things like my camera and computer don’t break my back too much! Oliver Thomas bags come in different styles like a backpack, cross body, and  duffle! Which one is your favorite!

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12 thoughts on “The Must-Have Travel Tote”

  1. This is so stylish! I can definitely see it being a good choice for travel and daily outings. I love the space and all of the compartments.

  2. I carry a tote this size on a daily basis. I need it to carry my necessities, including a book to read and usually a toy or two for the kiddo.

  3. I tend to carry too much stuff around with me. But because I do that, I need all the compartments so I can actually find my stuff. I love the way the outside of this tote looks, but it’s the inside that’s really selling me!

  4. Heather ♥ thedomesticdiva.org

    Having a large enough tote as a Mom is an absolute necessity especially when traveling. As a Mom you often end up carrying all the things. My rule of thumb is to always plan to have a bigger tote than I think I will need that way I always have extra room just in case I need to carry something larger than I anticipated.

  5. I love it! i love how big it is it would be easy for me to tote around what I need to when taking a few kids out and about with me – and its nice looking, something I find hard to find in a good tote that is big enough!

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