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Summer Children’s Reads

I truly cannot believe we are halfway through June. How did this happen?! The kids summer break is quickly approaching, and my kids are quite excited to start reading some imaginative books for the summer school break. There’s something so relaxing about reading a book in the warm sun. It’s important to me that my kids’ library is constantly changing, so they can keep up with their reading and use their imaginations. They had a tough school year, full of work and reading. One thing I make sure of is that they get the books they actually enjoy. I want them to look forward to their reading time! Here are our top choices for the summer!


Firstly, I love the books that get my kids to use their imaginations. As they get older, I worry that they lose more of that and go into just practicality. Which is great, but also, it’s important to keep some sense of imagination and creativity alive. Specifically, it’s something that can provide an escape from reality for summer vacation and young readers. A fun graphic novel, or a book where the main character saves the world are great ideas and a beautiful story to set up a world of imagination. Younger readers are impressionable and while the older kids usually get a summer reading list that’s required, we enjoy sunny days of free reading. With new releases out for the summer, the perfect summer day is a quiet one full of imagination and beautiful illustrations.


Secondly, while the morals and lessons can be important, books are an escape from reality. And we want them to be fun for our children to spend time doing as an activity. Whether it’s topics they find interesting, a book version of a movie or show or mindless reading, it’s great to have something to look forward to or great picture books. It doesn’t need to always challenge them, it’s the summer holidays! We love an activity book or a delightful picture book in the summer months for the younger kids! As far as the older kids, adventure is where it’s at! I remember my favorite summer was one where I got to relax and I had some great classic book reads that year. It really is the perfect way to escape to a new adventure from your couch!


Finally, life lessons and morals to stories are something that some find to be important when it comes to choosing new books. Some topics can be difficult to talk about or approach and may be easier to learn about from books. At the same time, books just have a way with words, no pun intended! Everything is explained in detail and often time by expert or psychologists. It’s the perfect opportunity to teach your kids about everyday life, changes in their bodies, and help them feel maybe not alone through some of the best books. I always find a funny story to help be relatable but older readers usually are more difficult to reach through interesting facts in books, so that will be a harder task. Make sure you find books they are excited about, it makes it a lot easier!

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Firstly, we have a monthly book club service that will deliver a brand new world of imagination to you every 30 days. If you can’t make it to the book store often, this is always a great option!
Secondly, this is a fun book because there are two possible endings! Sarah is shown making two different choices in her life and you will get one surprise ending! Can she work up the nerve to ask her crush out?
Thirdly, Abby has been fighting her whole life. But when an entire group of people is to be brought down, can she step up to the plate as a warrior and save the world?
This subscription plan is for bilingual children, or those who want to be! You can choose their age and language and you get a box of books every 3 months delivered right to your door! It’s amazing and such a great way to learn a new language.
It’s no secret that my kids love anything Rick Riordan! Winston is learning impulse control and gets a run in with magic. How can he get his normal life back?
For the kids that like a little bit of mystery, this book is for you! There is a monster curse over the town that needs to be uncovered, can they do it?
Does anyone else think watermelon screams summertime? A young girl is determined to heal her mother this summer with honey and save her farm.
Moreover, we all need a little bit of glitter! It’s a cute read about a little fashionista and her love for all things glitter!
When a young girl gets to spend the summer with her grandpa in Florida in his retirement community, how will she make the very best of her summer? There is always a way to find fun and see things on the bright side.
Furthermore, we all need a little imagination in our lives! This read is is the perfect place to take you there, full of adventure and twists!
Finally, for young readers, this is the perfect book to kick off the summer with! It’s summer vacation and the first thing we are doing is going to the pool!
This adorable children’s book is an illustration that screams summer! It’s about the changing season and all the fun that it brings!

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