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Summer Bags You Won’t Want to Leave the House Without

I’m a purse girl! There, I said it! Trust me, there are worse things to be obsessed with, so if you also fall into this category, you’re totally fine! Summer is a really fun season to shop for because there are no rules. Bags can be bright, full of texture and overall downright fun! I love switching up my bags for the summer season and incorporating more pinks and textures. Bags are an easy way to accessorize any outfit and spice up a look. In my mind, a new purse gives a fresh start to any new season! Upgrade your summer wardrobe with a pretty handbag!

Here are my top bags to shop for this summer!


Bags For Play

Firstly, I personally find this category to be the most fun to shop for! I’m looking at my family’s summer plans and seeing a ton of social events, sports practices and friends in town. Immediately, my mind went to “this is a good reason” to shop for a beautiful bag. Who says you can’t have a stylish bag count as the best beach bags?

Today, we’ll focus on my favorite bag options for the summer season and will do a whole other post for beach bags with plenty of room. But we’ll keep it fun today with a classic tote, bucket bag, straw tote and overall the chicest bags you’ve seen in a long time! For example, a few purses I’m looking at have different colors, shoulder straps, a phone pocket and smaller bags in general for nights out. I was thinking maybe I’d have a a micro purse moment or small crossbody bags for lunch. The best choice depends on the activity but it’s always a great idea to look into what your calendar looks like for the entire family and pick a great choice for a fun summer bag from there!

Bags For Everyday

Furthermore, the everyday bag is something that you grab for errands or when you’re running out the door for things like the farmers market. I define this category as a bag you feel comfortable with as well as one that gives you confidence. For instance, more importantly, it holds everything you need! The everyday summer bag can be a camera bag, braided bag or one with a detachable shoulder strap are some great places to start. A large size or lightweight tote bag are some of the best ways to carry everything you need for the day. Personally, I like an extra-large tote for when I’m on the go! If it can count as a travel bag, it’s a great option for vacations, a road trip or it can be the right size for a beach day.


Bags For the Moms

Finally, if you’re a busy mom, you understand the importance of the best purse that- at the end of the day, can fit everything you need! It’s a good idea to look into larger totes for after camp activities or a large bag that you can run to the pool with. I carry things like sun hats, portable power banks, cold water and sunscreen at all times, so I need the perfect purse that can fit everything I need while still looking cute!


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Firstly, every girl needs a little bit of pearls in their life! I love how simple this bag is but with a creative twist.
Secondly, something about this bag screams summer! The flower is a nice touch, you know I am a major fan of anything floral.
Thirdly, if there’s one thing I need in my closet, it’s a pink bag! I love anything wicker for summer and the fact that this one is pink is a bonus!
Speaking of pink bags, let’s move on to tote options! Sometimes I leave the house and need a bag with a little more room. This is great for the beach, pool or just errands!
Everyone knows how I am with ruffles! I don’t think I’ve ever had a bag with ruffles before, so this is really exciting! It’s the perfect texture and incredibly versatile.
Let’s throw a little bit of designer into the mix! How summery is this bag?! I can picture myself at dinner out east or on vacation with this.
I’d say this is a more affordable nicer clutch to have in the summer. I love the texture and it can fit a surprising amount.
This bag is definitely a splurge but in my eyes, it’s worth it! The tote goes with everything and can be taken anywhere.
This is a bit of a more affordable tote than the last one but it fits even more! I’d say I would bring this to lunch, the beach or even the pool.
If your kids have camp, sports activities or you are just busy all summer, this is the bag for you! It holds so much yet looks amazing!
Another fabulous clutch option involves a bit more color! Pink is everythinng to me and the texture of this clutch adds the pop any oufit needs.
Finally, the perfect wicker bag does exist and it is adorable! I love the tone and shape of this bag.

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