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5 Of The Best Beaches in NYC To Visit Without A Car

The beach is my family’s most happy place during the summer months. And any chance we get to head to the beach, I take full opportunity! Some of the best beaches in NYC to escape to involve a waterway ferry boat to get there. So whether you’re planning weekend getaways or looking for ways to cool off, these beaches in New York are a quick subway, ferry or bus trip away.

The Best Beaches in NYC – Rockaways

The Best Beaches in NYC - Rockaways

The Rockaway’s has long been known as the surf destination for NYC dwellers. Its perfect waves has always allowed the area to be a surfers haven. But since superstorm Sandy The Rockaways have re-built their 5.5 mile stretch of sandy beaches and families across the area are spending their sunny days beachside! Jacob Riis Beach is one of its most popular beaches for families. The Rockaways aren’t short of local fare or summer cocktails. With tons of restaurants and bars, there is something for everyone. Grab a lobster roll from the very popular Lobster Joint or unwind from the sun at Connolly’s for their famous piña colada’s.

How To Get there: New York Waterway’s runs a ferry from Wall Street to Rockaway Beach! The ride alone is worth every minute. This hour ferry rides passes the Statue Of Liberty, Governors Island, rides under the Verrazano Bridge, passes Coney Island and the Marine Parkway Bridge! Be sure to snag a seat on the top deck to take it all in!

Coney Island

The Best Beaches in NYC - Coney Island

If you’re looking for the ultimate family beach day, look no further than the boardwalk at Coney Island. The famous Luna Park at Coney Island has rides for children of all ages. With the beach adjacent to all the rides it truly provides a full day of seaside fun. Don’t forget a Nathan’s famous hotdog and a boardwalk soft serve!

How To Get There: Take the D, N, F or Q to the Brighton Beach station and walk about two minutes to the shore.

Long beach

The Best Beaches in NYC - Long Beach
Long Beach is definitely one of our personal family favorite beaches in the NYC area. We recently spent a beach day at Atlantic Beach to officiate our first summer weekend off from school. The ocean has just the ride amount of waves so the kids can boogie board without making me nervous.   Gemma is determined to catch her first wave this year. We love stopping into Beach Burger for a seaside burger or their super yummy “Mermaid Cone”.

How To Get There: Take the train from Penn Station or Atlantic Terminal to Long Beach Station; the beach is a short walk from the train.

Sandy Hook

The Best Beaches in NYC - Sandy Hook

Just over the New York state line via the Atlantic are the beaches of Sandy Hook. This Jersey coastline is accessible by ferry, making it a really fun commute. Whenever we have to take a ferry as a oppose to the subway my kids get silly excited! Sandy Hook is the perfect “escape” without actually “escaping”. It feels like you’ve been on a weekend away when really you can easily be home for dinner without the shuffle of trains and transfers.  There are tons of restaurant options along the coastline allowing there to be something for everyone.

How To Get There: Get to Pier 11 or East 35th Street and let the Seastreak Ferry do the rest.

The Best Beaches in NYC – Orchard BeachThe Best Beaches in NYC - Orchard Beach

Located on the East shores of the Bronx is Orchard Beach. Orchard Beach is a huge oceanside destination for families who live just north of the city. What use to be called “The Riviera of New York City”, Orchard beach sits on the Long Island sounds and offers shops, dining, and a gorgeous newly build promenade.

How To Get To: Take the 6 train to Pelham Bay Park and hop on a Bx29 bus to City Island Avenue. The beach is a quick walk from the bus stop.

(This article was originally published July 2019)

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15 thoughts on “5 Of The Best Beaches in NYC To Visit Without A Car”

  1. This is an excellent post. I live in New York, and I’m constantly surprised at how little love the beaches get. We have some amazing beaches up here!

  2. Denise Florence

    Great beaches in NY. I m from NYC, and as a child we frequented Orchard Beach very often. It was just a bus ride where we lived. Easy access and many fun days and evenings. Neighbors and friends got together often. Dad would meet us there after work. Hours of fun!! All the beaches mentioned, I’ve been to. All have much to offer. I encourage any city dwellers and visitors try any or all of them. Happy Summer days everyone.

  3. I had no idea about any of these beaches, noted for my next visit to NYC! Orchard Beach and Sandy Hook look especially stunning! Thanks for sharing!

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