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Happy first day of Spring! Although, with temps in the low 50s, it doesn’t really feel like it. As much as I enjoyed our snow day last week, I am like most of you, busting for the warm weather, budding flowers, and storing away our heavy coats. Having a big sister, the majority of Gemma’s wardrobe has been inherited from Siella. She doesn’t really mind wearing her big sis’ things, but as of late, they’ve started to exhibit some taste differences in their wardrobe.

KidBox seasonal subscription box KidBox seasonal subscription box

Gemma loves skirts and dresses, and wearing huge bows in her hair, while Siella rather be in yoga pants, because she claims it’s easier for her to do her cartwheels! Throughout my never ending clothing hunt, I heard about the KidBox seasonal subscription box for quite sometime now, so I figured that I would give it a try for Gemma. When signing up, I was asked questions about my kids’ style, favorite color and brand, and typical outfit they prefer. Within a week, a box hand picked by one of their stylists was shipped to our door.

KidBox seasonal subscription box KidBox seasonal subscription box KidBox seasonal subscription box

Whenever a box arrives with Gemma’s name, she gets giddy. Upon opening, we were surprised to find that KidBox included some extras like a crayons, coloring sheets, and a little toy! That little detail made her extra excited. She carefully held up each piece of clothing, examing closely, to see which she liked best. KidBox allows returns of unwanted styles at no cost, so you only pay those items kept.

KidBox seasonal subscription box KidBox seasonal subscription box KidBox seasonal subscription box

She ended up loving everything, so we didn’t have to return any items. And just like that, we had 7 new outfits for spring and summer!

KidBox seasonal subscription box KidBox seasonal subscription box

One of the most impressive aspects of this company is that Kidbox donates a brand new outfit to a child in need. KidBox Cares, has a partnership with nonprofit K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers, who are dedicated to providing new clothing to children in needy families. Through Kidbox Cares, parents have an opportunity to open a conversation about social responsibility, giving back, and share with their kids the awesome experiences of getting and giving clothes to children in needy families.

KidBox seasonal subscription box KidBox seasonal subscription box KidBox seasonal subscription box

In our home, we always talk about how to give to those less fortunate that us, and the kids seemed super interested in having the choice of which cause to donate. They unanimously chose to help kids in low-income families, who are homeless or living in shelters.  Knowing that they took ownership on giving back was a definite feel good moment, and they even asked in what other ways can they help.

KidBox seasonal subscription box

Gemma wore her first new top to school today, and now we are hoping for the warmer weather so she can bust out her new outfits!

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16 thoughts on “Spring Wardrobe”

  1. Pam Wattenbarger

    This sounds like a great way to get your kid’s wardrobe ready for the next season. I like that you can send the outfits they don’t like back at no cost.

  2. What a great box! My girls are huge into fashion so they’d love something like this! It’s great and the stuff she got is adorable!

  3. I’ve seen a few reviews of Kidbox lately and I think this is a great subscription box. Most parents do not really have the time to shop for their children’s clothes so having a service like this is awesome. The pieces are perfectly chosen and are really pretty!

  4. I have seen this advertised on Facebook before and have wondered how they work. Those clothes are so stinking cute! My daughter loves new clothes and getting mail so this would be perfect for her!

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