Snow Days Are The Best Days

When we arrived home from our trip to Utah, we all had the ski bug, and wondered if there would be another opportunity to hit the slopes this winter. With temps in the 60s when we landed, it didn’t seem likely, but you can never count on that warm weather hanging around too long in March. We missed a snow day last month while in Disney, so I was secretly hoping for another one. I know it sounds insane but I just love a good snow storm, that shuts everything down, forcing you to stay home. Sunday, I woke up to an email saying a work trip was cancelled for Tuesday, as a precaution for the impending storm. This was my first indicator that the kids could be in for another snow day. By Monday afternoon, Facebook feeds and news channels were spewing about school and mass transit closures. After all, they were predicting 20+ inches.

Shockingly, I was actually prepared by Monday afternoon, with a stocked fridge, and a left over arts and crafts project. On the way home from Ryder’s CCD class on Monday, you could tell the city was gearing up for the storm, because the streets were already a ghost town!

The kids went to bed excited about their snow day happening and couldn’t wait to bust our their orange sled, that sits behind our couch and only comes out once a year.

It seems that whenever we need to get out of bed for school, it’s impossible to wake the kids up. But naturally on Tuesday, no one slept in, because there was no school. No way would they let Mommy and Daddy sleep for an extra hour on the day off! I feel like they plan this, and it continues to baffle me each and every time. Since we were up, everyone quickly rushed to the window, to see plenty of winds, but not much snow. I thought we were experiencing another snow bust, similar to that of 2015.

By early afternoon after our extended morning of lounging was wearing on us, and Gemma was itching to venture outside with me. We walked around down by the Hudson River. The entire path was untouched snow, something I’ve learned to appreciate when you live in NYC, as it quickly gets trounced, turning to dirty slush.

Our local coffee shop managed to open for business, so we popped in for a little muffin before heading up to the apartment, to try and convince the bigs to join us. Ryder and Siella quickly agreed, and dug out our trusty orange sled. Jason decided to join too, and thank goodness, because my three littles have grown, and they are not as easy to shuffle around on their little sled.

Gemma and Siella each made 20 snowballs, but wouldn’t throw them, as they planned to save them until next snow storm.

After Jason had his fill of whipping the kids around the park, we walked by the water again, and came upon some steps that were covered in snow. Ryder immediately grabbed the sled, and flew down the steps. Typical city kid. We joked who needs grassy hills, when you have some snow covered steps. While riding the steps, we bumped into some friends who were also enjoying the snow. Our group fun was short lived, because Gemma decided not to wear gloves anymore, and her little digits started to freeze after nearly two hours outside. It was inside for some snacks and hot cocoa.

I think we all had our fill from our snow day, and we are ready for spring. Well, maybe after one more day of skiing!


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