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1. Tell us about Bobo Choses and how it got started?

Adriana Esperalba and Laia Aguilar met in an Advertising agency: “We were art directors, one of us was a graphic designer, and the other one an illustrator. It was love at first sight. We coincided a short time but our styles fitted perfectly and we both wanted to grow through work. In 2005 we created a Studio of Art & Communication called Otto&Olaf. We wanted to explore other disciplines and we believed that we had things to tell in other fields than only the communication field. ”These inquietudes coincided with the birth of Pablo who is Laia’s first son. Hence BOBO CHOSES first collection (2008).

2. Love the name Bobo Choses where did you come up with it?

“BOBO” is an easy word to pronounce, I like it for its simplicity. “CHOSES” means “things” in French and it symbolizes the little we want to propose.

3. What has been your inspiration for the line? Fall looks amazing in stores!! What are your favorite pieces and why?

The retro-inspired colours, the shapes and the fabrics give to this collection a “vintage” feeling. The inspiration for this line came from NYC, when I was walking with my husband through Chelsea neighborhood. The light, the colour shades and the feeling I got at the time illustrate the current Collection. My favorites pieces for boys are the green sweat shirt with the swing print,  the navy blue overalls and the leather boots. For girls, I love the orange corduroy dungarees with the pretzel print combined with the golden sun sweat shirt and a pink knitted hat.




4. I know the tradeshows are going on. What can we expect for Spring 2012 and can we get a sneak peek? 

The next SS12 collection is very colorful and fun. Comfortable styles, figurative and abstract prints, for the hottest summer days! We would like to explain you more details about the collection but we prefer to keep the secret until it arrives to the shops!!

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