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I am so excited to share the interview I had with Il Gufo. The line is so amazing I wanted to pull every pic from their lookbook but  my little blog wouldn’t be able to handle all the mega..whatever. For their entire fall collection take a look at  www.facebook.com/ilgufospaMake sure you check back in with us next week for an Il Gufo giveaway!!! Very exciting!

1. When was the Il Gufo line born? What does Il Gufo mean? Tell us how it all started. 

Giovanna Miletti founded Il Gufo in 1980 when her 3 children all under 5 years old were going to kindergarden. While waiting for them to come home she amused herself with her sewing machine by making bibs and “jabots” with collars edged in all colours. Working in a big glass-house, surrounded by the green Asolo hills, she watched the initial results double from season to season.
After a few years she needed more space and she was very lucky in finding a fabulous site which she prepared in the same style as her previous “nest”. With sales continually increasing every season Il Gufo has now grown to a substantial size. Il Gufo pride itself on producing unique hand-made articles with the same care and skill as before. The name means “the owl” thanks to the very first applications on rompers.


2. Being an Italian based brand do you find it hard to crack into the US market? 

The approach to the US market was not so hard thanks to our distributor who is making a very good job, distributing the product through the best shops and department stores in US. The strength of Il Gufo and its success lies in the ability of offering a wide range of high level products which meet the US consumers taste.


3. What is the inspiration behind the line? 

Il Gufo’s unrivalled dedication and passion to quality childrenswear and it gives exceptional style and choice to international markets.  Our collection is recognised for a clean and linear style and for a discrete but stylish look. In addition, we are known for using basic colours as navy and grey or naturals, all studied to be coordinated when used in different fabrics and materials, together with brighter colours closer to the world of kids. We have two different collections: the newborn line which goes from 0 to 2 years old and which is especially studied for babies wearing nappy and the collection for boys and girls from 2 to 14 years old. Accessories and shoes complete our look.


4. What can we expect for your Fall 2011 collection?

A journey through Canada’s fascinating landscape with Il Gufo’s autumn/winter 2011/12 collection that interprets the colours and charm of wild lands, frozen lakes and boundless forests of fir and pine trees. In a game of exploration, evocations and contrasts, the unmistakable modern style of Il Gufo is permeated by a totally natural world that taps into the imagination of sportswear and outdoor blending in the classic heritage of the brand.


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