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A very special gift

Yesterday, I received the most thoughtful gifts from one of my sponsers ShopBelle. As I was opening the box I noticed Ryder staring at it and asking me what was in there. I kept thinking to myself it’s probably not a good idea to open this right now because I’m sure it’s for Siella and we’ve had enough jealousy issues going on. But, to my surprise there was a gift in there for the “big brother”. Ryder was so excited and even loved the fact a little card was personalized to him! Maria, the web owner just had her second and knows what its like to have an older sibling. Below is the cute tee she gave to Ry…I love it!! Also, I wanted to point out SB has offered all of my readers a very generous coupon of 25% off, which is huge!!! Check it out.

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