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Q&A: Bambinos & Bunny

I just want to say I’ve found the cutest cutest new brand for our kids called Bambinos and Bunny. Every piece is handmade and the headbands are to die for! I had a chance to ask the designers a couple of questions and here is what they had to say. More pics to come of little Miss Siella in B&B.

How and when was Bambinos and Bunny created?

Karla– I approached Stacie at a cafe because Addie was wearing an adorable hat (made by mama of course)! Once we exchanged contact information, and met up for cup of coffee…the rest was history! We are two mamas that have a common dream and make a great team.

Stacie–  We were each dining in a French Bakery one afternoon, with separate groups of friends, and we eyed the other ones baby across the outdoor patio  Addie was wearing a Mama designed outfit that sparked conversation, which lead to a coffee playdate, and the rest is history. We are unlikely friends.  Karla is a social butterfly, New Yorker at heart, mover and shaker, with a knack for running the business side, but also with a keen eye for design.  I am a California girl through and through.  I would rather be at home, outdoors, or the beach than anywhere else, and spend all my free time creating and designing. The common thread between us was the desire for a new look in children’s clothing, something trendy and practical.  In the end our differences complement each other perfectly, and our common desire lead to the birth of Bambinos and Bunny.

I love each piece of B&B. Can you tell us the inspiration for this season?

We knew our first season would have limited items for practical reasons, so each piece had to make a strong statement. We wanted bold prints that you could see in Mama’s fashion magazines, but silhouettes that were uniquely suited for children, comfortable, durable, and practical.  Black and cream can pair with all the jewel tones out their and the leopard just adds a little flair.

Where can we purchase Bambinos and Bunny?

On our online shop www.bambinosandbunny.com
What can we look forward to seeing from B&B?
We hope to expand our range as our company grows, more styles and more prints. However, we want to keep our unique quality.  So it is a fine line to walk.  More ‘boy’ inspired designs has been feedback that we are hearing loud and clear. Hopefully, we will always be a little out of the box, set apart from the traditional.
Can you tell us anything about Spring 2013 yet? 
Spring is shaping up well with a lot of vintage inspired designs with a modern twist.  You can expect more color, but still a strong focus on neutral colors.  It is just a part of who we are.
To ALL SITC READERS: Bambinos and Bunny is offering a 15% discount. Use code “citymama” at checkout!
(Expires Nov. 9th, 5pm PST)

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