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Permanent Pretties Taudrey Event at Maman Soho

I hosted a Taudrey Permanent Pretties mommy and me event at Maman Soho recently, and I’m so excited to tell you all about it. As you know, I’m as big a fan of the Taudrey and have done several collabs with them throughout the years. The event was an afternoon of fun in a beautiful intimate setting in New York. My lovely daughters were there and thrilled to be getting dainty pretties with the Taudrey team! 

The Event

The event was a two-hour affair that I held at Maman Soho, a restaurant with delicious bites and event locale that is just as beautiful as the custom jewelry I showcased. The Taudrey event showcased their Permanent Pretties line and was designed as a fun afternoon out for moms and their daughters where they could enjoy wonderful food and beautiful jewelry and make mother-and-daughter memories that will last a lifetime.

The Space

The vibe of the event space is absolutely bohemian chic in every way. From its brick interior walls to its white pain, floral touches, and rustic furniture to its delicious sweets and finger foods, Maman Soho is always a great choice for any event, whether it’s extra special like my Tuadrey event or just a fabulous brunch. Guests were able to enjoy various baked goods like cookies as well as savory options and a wide variety of drinks, all of which paired perfectly with the event itself.

The Jewelry

Permanent Pretties are exactly what they sound like. They’re pretty, and they’re permanent. Permanent jewelry? What the heck is that? I’m glad you asked! This line of jewelry is custom-fitted to your wrist, ankle, or neck for the perfect sizing. Then, rather than using a traditional clasp, the chain is welded closed so it lays flat and has a seamless look. These pieces are beautiful and designed to last a lifetime, as well as being made to never be taken off. Don’t worry, if you do have to take them off, they’re removable and will be re-welded free of charge! There are a variety of looks to choose from, and although they’re dainty, they’re anything but forgettable.

Picking out Pieces

Throughout the event, mothers and their daughters were able to pick out pieces and have them custom-fitted and welded right there at the restaurant! As a mom, it warmed my heart to see all the mothers and daughters laughing, snacking, and mingling while they took their turns getting absolutely fabulous custom jewelry pieces sized to fit them perfectly.

Wrapping Up

Overall, it was one of the best events, I wish all of you could have been there, but since that was impossible, I encourage you to visit the Taudrey Permanent Pretties page and see what they have to offer. I may not have been able to give all of my readers snacks and an afternoon out, but I can give all of you the opportunity to get your own permanent pretties!

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