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Personal Shopping

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Next week will mark eight years when I found out that I was pregnant with Ryder. I owned my showroom at the time, and was just closing out last minute details before we headed into the holiday break, when I got the confirmation that I was indeed pregnant! The news couldn’t have come at a better time, because we were able to tell our families over the holidays. At the start of the New Year, I scheduled a doctor’s appointment, who showed pictures of my baby for the first time and we heard his little heart beating. It was on that day that I purchased my first ever piece of clothing for Ryder from a beautiful store called Yoya. From that moment, my love for fashion quickly shifted from womens apparel to children clothing.

Children's Boutique Yoya Children's Boutique Yoya

The Yoya store has been around for over 13 years, and the special place it holds in my heart is reinforced by their beautifully curated collection every season. I continued to shop there throughout my pregnancy, and toddler years for Ryder, and then again, when I found out I was having a girl, I purchased Siella’s first little tutu, which has since been passed down to Gemma.

Children's Boutique Yoya

For the last thirteen years, Yoya has been bringing the best in children’s fashion and design to NYC. While they are a neighborhood store, they have an international appeal that comes along with some of the brands they carry. The owner, Cristina Villegas and I know each other from years of children’s fashion markets, so when she offered to have the kids and I come in for a personal shopping experience, my response was naturally yes. Never did I think I after buying that first little romper, that this store would be my go-to for all three of my children. I decided to take both Ryder and Siella up to her new store space in the West Village, which is designed and color coordinated perfectly, that had me swooning over everything.

Children's Boutique Yoya Children's Boutique Yoya Children's Boutique Yoya

Siella picked out this gorgeous angel dress from Maileg, which will be the ideal choice for when we see Balanchine’s The Nuckcracker, this month at Lincoln Center. Cristina thought it would be perfect to pair her tutu dress with Maileg’s Angel Wings, which had Siella literally jumping over the moon. As she tried on her magical dress in the shop, she twirled repeatedly, as she admired herself in the mirror. It was hard to get her to take it off.  
Children's Boutique Yoya Children's Boutique Yoya Children's Boutique Yoya

At first, Ryder wasn’t sure what to think about the shopping experience. I typically pick out his clothing, although he does tend to have a say when it comes to his accessories like sneakers, watches, and cool chain necklaces. At the store, he spotted Pop Cutie chain necklaces, especially one with a sea lion hanging on a blue chain, and immediately wanted to have it. For clothing, I stuck with brands we know and love, like Molo and NUNUNU. In addition to these, Yoya carries a great selection of trendy activewear, including some harem style pants, which is a far cry from your everyday sweats.

Children's Boutique Yoya Children's Boutique Yoya

Siella even picked out a little Jelly Cat stuffed animal for Gemma…

Children's Boutique Yoya Children's Boutique Yoya

Cristina’s love for fashion and great taste is not limited to her children’s store.  She also offers interior design services, wardrobe styling and personal shopping for women and children. With every piece specifically chosen for you or your child, your closets will be stocked with options for every season, and occasion.

Children's Boutique Yoya

Our personal shopping experience couldn’t have been more enjoyable, and having Ryder and Siella picking out their own pieces was pretty special. Yoya has truly evolved to a special place for me to a special place for all of us.

Big thanks to Hey Mama for inviting me to take part in the #ILoveYoya campaign

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  1. That angel dress is simply precious!!! I love the idea of bringing the kids to a shop and letting them have a say in what they wear. I wonder if it would help get my son out of all his sweatpants!!

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