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About a year ago, I made the decision for Ryder to adhere to a gluten-free lifestyle given his attention difficulties. Having gone into it with plenty of research, I think it has been the best option for him, noticing a difference in his level of focus. I can tell you this, after two months on the diet, we slipped in a slice of pizza, and the difference in his behavior after an hour of eating it was considerable. The girls are not gluten-free, but they tend to eat that way, because the majority of what I cook now takes Ryder’s restrictions into account. Eating healthy organic and stainable food has always been a priority, especially since becoming a parent, and I will always make the time to shop and cook healthy for my family.

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Ella’s Kitchen and Earth’s Best continue to be a reliable source for organic snacks, healthy smoothie drinks, and even oatmeal for my children. Their snacks are ideal for my little ones to take along and pack in their lunch boxes. While not everything is gluten free, they offer a large variety of snacks for Ryder. Coincidentally, both brands were the first foods I introduced to my children when they started to eat solids, so it was an easy decision to stick with them, as the children grew. Ella’s Kitchen and Earth’s Best products continue to expose them to new tastes and textures, and with real ingredients.

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I am especially loving the Ella’s Kitchen coconut water, which is mixed with flavors like ginger, pears, and berries. Since the kids love smoothies, I have used the coconut water as the base, adding veggies and frozen fruits. Even their sippy juice drinks have come in handy for after school activities, birthday parties, and classroom events; and other parents love them, because they have added veggies, and less sugar than some other fruit drinks.

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The Made to Matter, Handpicked by Target campaign has been a wonderful guide in shopping for my family that are organic, non-toxic, non-GMO, fair trade & more. It’s nice to have Ella’s Kitchen and Earth’s Best on their stamp of approval as well. It’s been great to have Earth’s Best and Ella’s Kitchen continue to give my kids the organic goodness as they grow, and more importantly have them love the flavors too.

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