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Our Mother Of.. Necklace Collection with Taudrey

I’m excited to share our Mother Of… necklace collection we designed in collaboration with Taudrey! Yes, I partnered with Taudrey to create a line of necklaces designed for moms by a mom. They’re simple, elegant, and perfect with almost any outfit – just the kind of thing I’ve always loved in jewelry design. And the best part, you can customize it!


The Mother of… is a necklace that I designed specifically for moms to show off their love and pride for their children. Although it’s sold as one piece, it actually really is a collection. Two necklaces come in two different pattern options for a total of four styles, all of which are absolutely beautiful in their simplicity. The best part about these is that they’re personalized. Moms can choose the initials of their children to go with the overall pattern of all the pieces. All of the necklace options are incredibly versatile and get be easily dressed up or down for everyday wear!

The first option is the classic “Mom”. The chain and letters are 18k gold, while the “o” in the center is either a gold heart or a heart-shaped mother of pearl piece. Both of these options are perfect as a gift for any mom or grandmother. The beautiful mother of pearl pairs perfectly with the gold, creating a piece that is dainty but also eye-catching.

The final two options in the collection use your childrens’ initials. Choose up to three letters to pair with two gold hearts or mother of pearl hearts on an elegant chain. Just as with the Mom option, the mother of pearl and gold are a wonderful duo to create a look that is beautiful and classic.

You can further customize your choice of mothers necklace with chains in lengths of 12 inches all the way up to 36 inches, allowing a great opportunity for more drama and layering.

However you choose to wear this mothers necklace, it makes the perfect piece for any look, from evening wear to casual jeans and a tee. If you’re a husband, these are the perfect gift for your wife or mother. If you’re a wife or mother, this is the perfect post to be “accidentally” seen by your husband.

I love the look of this necklace, and I’m so proud to have partnered with Taudrey to create it. I hope you’ll take a look at this and all of the other wonderful pieces that the company has to offer. They’re gorgeous, stylish, and make great gifts.

Happy Holidays!

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17 thoughts on “Our Mother Of.. Necklace Collection with Taudrey”

  1. Admittedly, I’m not a big jewelry guy. I rarely buy jewelry for the important people in my life…and buying jewelry for myself is virtually nonexistent. However, I’m a big fan of the simple things. The classic “Mom” necklace seems simple enough for me. It’s not flashy and its message is clear…it’s for mom. My own mother will be celebrating a 60th birthday in the spring and I’ve never purchased jewelry for her. Perhaps this may be a piece I’ll look into getting her.

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