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Beautiful Jewelry with a Purpose

Beautiful jewelry is always a great fashion accessory. Jewelry can add so many different elements to a look, and they can all be changed up by simply using different pieces for different events. As a fashion-forward woman, I’m always drawn to beautiful jewelry, especially if that jewelry has a purpose.


LAGOS has been one of my favorite jewelry lines for a long time. Their pieces are stylish and elegant, and make a statement. They perfectly combined elegance and a certain boldness that I really love. Their unique approach to jewelry is one of complete freedom. Everything in their line can be mixed and matched to create as many styles as you can think of. There’s no wrong way to wear LAGOS pieces. In addition, they have wonderful touches like their signature caviar beading which can only be found in the LAGOS brand.

I’ve been pairing their pieces with everything from jeans and t-shirts to evening wear for years, and while I love what their line as a whole is all about, today, I’m proud to share what their new piece is all about. LAGOS has designed a beautiful Pink Maya Heart Necklace to help both raise awareness and funding for the Breast Cancer Research Fund. That’s important to me because I’ve been personally touched by breast cancer.

For so many years, I’ve been a huge advocate for breast cancer awareness and research. And have used this platform many times to raise funds for this cause, including being a member of the Susan G. Komen Greater New York City Power 30 Ambassadors. And as many of you know, my Mom was diagnosed with stage zero breast cancer right before the pandemic and shut down, and it was probably one of the scariest time in our lives. We were lucky enough she had surgery a few weeks before everything closed, but did have to wait for treatment months later, but I’m beyond grateful to say she is cancer free now. Unfortunately, I have other relatives and friends that didn’t have quite the outcome like she did, so my quest to raise awareness is a huge purpose of mine.

Helping in the fight against breast cancer is personal for me, so whenever I find a new way to do it, I’m in. And whenever I find a company that also wants to help in that fight, I make it a point to share that with all of you. LAGOS is one of those companies.

The Pink Maya Heart necklace features their classic caviar beading around a beautiful pink heart that is attached to an elegant chain. This heart is a perfect size – large enough to make a statement and start a conversation but not so large that it’s overpowering. It’s a purely classic piece that’s equally at home in a laid-back outfit as it is with a gown. What I love the most about it – outside of its beauty, of course – is that 25% of the sales of this piece will go to the Breast Cancer Research Fund.

If you’re looking for beautiful jewelry that makes a statement and does some good in the world, then visit LAGOS and take a look at their Pink Maya Heart necklace.

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41 thoughts on “Beautiful Jewelry with a Purpose”

  1. I love that heart pendant.. I think this is the kind of gift my mom will surely appreciate. With holidays nearly approaching, i think this piece of beautiful jewerly can make a perfect gift
    Thank you for sharing

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