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Taylor Swift Eras Tour Concert Looks

If you follow me on social media, you know that I had a huge surprise I was keeping for weeks! I surprised the girls with tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras tour! If you want to see their reactions, you can watch the reel on Instagram. But immediately, I was rushed with emotions over outfit ideas. When I saw that everyone was dressing for a specific era, I knew I could break it down and find the perfect looks. With her concert going on for awhile more, I figured I’d help those of you who haven’t been yet with some different looks as options. Choose your favorite Taylor Swift era and dress like that! It’s the perfect way to be ready for her concert. Some are more dramatic looks with plenty of sparkle while others are more of a speak now era and are more girly. She has a few shows coming up in California!

Let me know which your favorite is!

Duaghter's cute outfit to Taylor Swift Eras Tour concert


Firstly, we’ll begin with fearless. Swift city is all fearless, though because that’s how we should all be. But this category to me is all black and metallics! I paired a fun fringe jacket with LoveShackFancy’s newest dress. I wish we could do outfit changes and dress for different eras but that is totally crazy! If you have a silver fringe dress, that would definitely work for this. You need to be a true Swift fan to know the differences between her eras and you’ve come to the right place!

Concert outfit inspired by Taylor Swift's "Fearless" era featuring denim sequin jacket and black mini dress

Jacket, blush, earrings, purse, dress, shoes

Daughters' matching outfits to Taylor Swift Era concert

The perfect Taylor Swift Era concert look  featuring pink cowboy boots and boho dress


Secondly, I swear this dress is red! The lighting is making it look magenta, but it’s as red as that red scarf! You know what would be even cuter is red heart sunglasses, but it felt a bit much with this outfit inspo. Current trends are showing how in boots are, especially cowboy boots. A Taylor Swift concert is definitely the right place to try out a new look, especially her eras tour looks. These oils are for lips and cheeks and are color changing to your PH!

Concert outfit inspired by Taylor Swift's "Red" Era featuring gold, heeled boots and Chanel red bag

Lip/cheek oil, dress, earrings, purse, shoes

Speak Now

The speak now era is one the girls and I love. It feels more feminine and girly! More like her first era in Taylor’s style back in the day. I love Selkie dresses because they are so fun and flirty, so I had to pair one with a pair of purple shoes because this era screams lavender haze. For a concert tour, these are some of the more comfortable shoe options I’ve found. I love my heels though!

Concert outfit inspired by Taylor Swifts "Speak Now" Era featuring purple puffy dress and sequin purse

Dress, purse, shoes, makeup


This is where we begin to get more hardcore! Eras outfits can ultimately be whatever you want them to be, as Taylor’s eras are all flexible and more up to interpretation. But for this, I envision gold! I wanted a more wearable option for a dinner before her concert. I paired a neutral bodysuit with a wearable leather jacket and metallic gold skirt! I’ve been loving slip skirts lately and this feels right up that alley!

Concert outfit inspired by Taylor Swifts "1989" era featuring gold maxi skirt and white leather jacket

Jacket, bodysuit, eye glitter, necklace, skirt, purse, heels

Taylor Swift Era concert performance


This is the opposite of Love Story! I went all dark on this look because it definitely needs to go beyond the fearless era into a more good girl gone bad era. The color scheme for this was black with gold accessories. This is a look that is actually perfect for a night out in Vegas!

Concert outfit inspired by Taylor Swift's "Reputation" Era featuring gold hoop earrings and black two-piece set

Earrings, shoes, two piece set, lip gloss, purse


Into a more dainty and pretty category, lover is pink and white’s to me! It’s bright and calm while having some fun feminine energy. I love this new dress from LoveShackFancy and could not pass up on an opportunity to wear these fringe boots!

Concert outfit inspired by Taylor Swift's "Lover" Era featuring a white mini dress and dangle sequin earrings

Purse, boots, dress, earrings, jacket, nail polish

Taylor Swift Allegiant stadium


This category is something I think I could wear daily! It fits right into the vintage floral patterns that I am obsessed with and I definitely feel most comfortable in this one. This look is totally an everyday possibility and one you would be comfy in at the concert.

Concert outfit inspired by Taylor Swift's "Fearless" Era featuring white cowboy boots and floral dress

Blush, purse, dress, boots, bracelet


Finally, we’re going to finish up with Midnights! I felt navy blue was perfect for this category! It feels mysterious and hot. I added in some touches of silver and these star earrings are so perfect for a night-inspired look.

Concert outfit inspired by Taylor Swift's "Midnights" Era featuring star earrings and silver maxi skirt

Top, purse, skirt, sneakers, earrings, highlighter

Family selfie at the Taylor Swift Eras concert


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